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Surprisingly a text update from Kyoto!

May 14, 2009 3 comments

Okay other, than my grip about the keyboard, and probably typos because I cannot find the symbols correctly. This is my first day at Kyoto. I woke up at around 5:11am Japan time this morning after only 4 hours of sleep. Got back to Rai`s place at around 10pm.

So I went to Tokyo Station and transfer over to the Hikari Superexpress… before that though, I got a bento box to eat that I see so often in doramas or anime. Rode the Shinkansen, and at first thought that I was in a bubble. The train went that fast. Missed out on seeing Mt. Fuji, but got pictures and pictures of the landscape.. the shinkansen went too fast and I missed out on taking some really interesting images like graveyards, a water mill in the center of a field.. etc. etc. etc. Am right now running on sheer will… and just going as the scenery was way too exciting to even think about anything else. Also sat next to a Ninomiya Kazunari look alike, I really thought it was him, imagined Aya would be so excited… but I do not believe it is him though. Still was too nervous to speak really well, so yes I am one of those clueless American tourists, making gestures, and asking `Eego?` whenever I have to speak with a Japanese person and really simple Japanese phrases.

Got to Kyoto at around 9 something am. Purchased a 2day pass, kinda like Suica for the local Kyoto public transportation. Was lost trying to find my way around Kyoto Station for a little bit, then I went to the Fushimi Inari Shrine on the JR line… stayed there for about an hour.. purchased a lot of charms and a plaque. Then went back to Kyoto Station where I then went to Bic Camera and purchased an SD card for my camera.. yes I worry about running out of space.. and with 400+ pictures today. I rather be safe than sorry.

Then took the bus to Kiyomizu Temple, which is known for being a god to bless love and relationships. And ohmygod the hike.. it went uphill! The scenery was quite interesting in the architecture, but I thought I was going fall over or something. Also Kyoto as I remember is a big place for school`s to go field trips on, and that that proved my point. So many students!!!!! Even the hotel I am staying at for one night, has so many students.. so uncanny.

Afterwards because I was trying to cover a lot of space in one day, I thought I can walk Eastern Kyoto – big mistake. I was only able to see Gion today, and that was it… I noticed a Studio Ghibli store.. the first one.. and I had to go over.. big mistake.. I purchase two puzzle frames and a new puzzle again.. this is all going to be mailed to Rai. No way was I going anywhere with all these things. Need to see if Jilly won:t kill me, for sending her huge boxes of things. It is also not going to be cheap… so with the loose way I spend money. I better take heed of a sensible budget. I spent close to an hour there, and then afterwards foudn something else to purchase. The places were akready starting to close, so I made my way to the bus stop, where I was promptly squashed like sardines in a can. If you think that NYC rush hour was crowded, this was ten times worse with a high schooI never thought I:ll see the day. Sardines in a can, and this is so true, that I can weep thinking about how much people there was.

So I went back to Kyoto Station, where I had dinner of soba,and Udon noodles, with Inari Sushi, So then I left and came to the hotel. Now tomorrow, trying to leave the hotel early, so that I can beat the crowd, and visit the Kinkakuji Temple, and Royan-ji Temple, with a trip to Tetsugaku no Michi. Then in the afternoon back to Tokyo, where I will try to meet up with Rai near Tokyo Tower?

Who knows….

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