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Rushing to Sendai!

Okay yesterday getting back from Kyoto was a rush. Yep so this morning going to Sendai to meet up with a friend for lunch…most likely at the Train station only… how rushed can that get.. so in a one day trip to Sendai and then back, because of timing. Went to Madarake again yesterday.. couldn’t seem to bring myself to purchase that Shanks figure.. and then couldn’t find that Uchiwa for Aya, so have to go elsewhere. Have to blog more about what exactly happen on my Kyoto trip… tonight.. also heading to visit a college Japanese friend tomororw.. gosh feeling kinda excited, since I haven’t seen him since Oneonta, and in that time he got hitched and has a baby.

Ack I just remember I have to go to Tokyo Dome sooner or later..

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