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Busy weekend… Tokyo Dome… Kyoto.. Lunch at Sendai and meetups!

Sure has been a busy weekend.. right now writing because I want to at least be able to remember what happened on my trip. My hours in Japan has been weird, and I have been quite exhausted still.. so jet lag is definitely an issue.

Back to Friday at Kyoto – the night before I went to the bar where I yakked the bartender’s ear off. The scene definitely reminded me of Bartender, and the screwdriver I had was all right.. only 1100 yen. I was also up at around 4-5am Japan time the next morning, mostly because I couldn’t sleep. I did try to sleep..>_< … I left the hotel at around 7:40am or so and caught the local bus to Kinkankuji-Michi.. I thought that this would be the better way to walk to Ryoanji and what a mistake it was. Well I was referring to this site as a location for itinerary. I walked for 20 minutes, and I saw the same bus on the same route, so the thing I learned was that – there was a closer stop to Ryoanji. Ryoanji is well known for its rock gardens.. but what kinda stinks is that there was constructions at some parts.. so that was that. Then I walked back to Kinkankuji – which is the Golden Pavilion. It was pretty neat.. there was some kami statues where you threw a coin, and I imagine if the coin hit the kami’s bowl then your prayers can alert the kami for that blessing.

I got stopped by a group of students who wanted me to take their pictures.. and like at Fushimi Inari, I kinda went nuts on buying charms. I am a believer on luck and karma, so yep. I choose to believe that option rather than go to church. Personal reason. Also got pretty intrigued by the tourist food things. So was convinced to purchase some more food. But the question is whether or not I would really want to eat it..is the issue.

After wards I went out, and took an extra side trip to visit Seimei Shrine. This was actually a travel tip provided by Gia under AnimeVice, so I took her advice.. and went there. She also advised on Fushimi Inari, which was heeded with. ^_^

Semimei Shrine was small, but interesting – kept thinking of hocus pocus things, as I believe the shrine’s symbol was a red star. Relevant to anime in aspects of Shonen Onmyouji, an anime that is on my to be watch list, someday…. just so many things to do.

Did I mention that there was a lot of students on their field trip? Well there was. Also one thing I learned was that on May 15, it was Kyoto’s annual Aoi Matsuri. I missed it though, as I was doing my own touring.

Then I made a resolution to go to Tetsugaku no Michi! I got there, and it was really short! I got distracted by taking plenty of pictures of ducks in the canal there, then went to have some lunch. Kyoto is well known for its soymilk, so tried a fried soymilk, yummy! Soba with a type of mackerel, and definitely tofu. Really delicious. Looking back at the time though, I realized that I over estimated the time, and had to call a cab, which was a new experience. Still I missed my shinkansen, and was delayed an hour or so at Nagoya. Long story short.

Got back to Tokyo in relatively okay timing.

The next day woke up early to go to Sendai to meet up with a friend, who I shall refer to as Meek. This is opposite to what my impressions of, so I guess it’s a play on her email. ^_^ Meek is one of my friends who I met on a random moment, and hit it off. Luckily she’s in Japan now, in a situation that is similar to Rai. So I was so happy to see her! I had my first experience of the Onsen Tamago. Wished that the Onsen Tamago came like this, but as Meek said – only one place in her experience that would sell them separately. So the experience was this, the tamago was slightly salty, silky and just delicious!

Then for desert we headed over to this cafe, where the deserts were and are divine! I was happy that I spent some time with Meek.

Getting back to Tokyo, I once again missed my Shinkansen. Thank god, Japanese transportation is so rapid! Quickly caught another one after it, so travel wasn’t as bad. Made my way over to Tokyo Dome, where yes there was the Kat-tun concert. I got things that Aya wanted with a slight mix up on the quantity, quickly and met up with Rai. We made it to Shibuya on a Sat afternoon, and I got to see my first Bookoff, I purchased a Utada Hikaru’s cd! As well as the Shibuya Madarake, where I went slightly nuts on the pencil boards. Slightly before Shibuya, we stopped at Harujuku for a bit, and Rai showed me the Johnny’s store. The wait period for the next crowd of people was at 6pm. >_O and it was at around 3pm in the afternoon. I still need to find that Uchiwa for Aya, not sure if it is possible thought now. But still very hopeful!

Then at nighttime, met up with her roommate for Yakiniku! For a fixed price and only 90 minutes, it was buffet style where one can yakiniku to their hearts content! So that was great! I couldn’t eat past three plates though, but Rai was great, she ate nine plates. Also had my first drink with Japanese alcohol, because of lack of sleep, definitely got really tipsy… how embarrassing! >__> I made it to where he lived in a timely manner, and had a delicious lunch. There was hand rolled sushi! The ume was also very good, and homemade. So my first Japanese home cooked meal! Oishi! His wife couldn’t speak that much Japanese, but it was fun, along with his son, who was so very young.

After that, went back to Tokyo, and spent a Sunday afternoon lazing around with Rai. We went to a Fast food Curry Restaurant after that, with desert at a Cafe near Rai’s home! I wish the temperatures would be slightly better, but all is well! Picture update – because of the sheer amount, plus tagging, and titling.. have been uploading steadily to Flickr, but not really to show the world just yet.

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