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Monday to Tuesday – Akihabara and Getting Lost in Hibiya Station

May 19, 2009 2 comments

Ahhh Shit! I spent an hour working on a post and poof I deleted it by mistake… fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!

So main points, since I believe that if I try to retype the entry.. will annoy me nevertheless.


  • On Sunday, received package from Kyoto – huge. Sent it out on Monday – by mistake walked past Rai’s post office so when to another post office 15 minutes away, and man was the thing heavy. Postage was also.. >_<
  • Went to Akihabara, got off at the electric side of the town, which was so-so, need to go back to Akihabara. Planning to get a rubber keyboard for my netbook though.
  • Took pictures of store maps, but Japanese people must have photo phobia. Two Japanese men besides me were scare when I took pictures, tried to reassure them in my bad Japanese. Heard them said – “Wow that really scared me for the moment.”
  • Met up with Rai at Ikebukuro – fell in love with Animate. Could not resist brought more things.
  • Ate at Lotteria, which is a Japanese version of McDonald’s – soda tasted really funny – chemicals.
  • Went to Milkly Way again… don’t know how I will survive once I get back to the U.S. Japanese deserts are the best!


  • Made my way to post office with three boxes. A police officer assisted me with bringing one of the boxes, after he saw that I was having issues with carrying all three of them. I am actually ignoring the postage rates, but kinda nervous at the moment for the cost. Need to go and maybe get some more money actually.
  • Went to Asakusa, where the scene definitely reminded me of doramas I watched. Especially that pagoda, from Ando Natsu!
  • Wanted to go to Tokyo Tower as well, but got lost at Hibiya Station. Found the Hibiya Library, but damn it – the place was also closed as well.
  • Went to Shinjuku Station, where I found my way to Kinokudniya. I should have taken my coworker’s advice and brought more books.. >_< Still Kino is actually becoming my favorite bookstore in Japan to go to – they actually have English books.. T_T – Sad isn’t it? Not counting K-books or Madarake or Bookoff, but cannot understand Japanese, so other than accessories to get.. you get the picture.
  • Rai went to Ikebukuro yesterday as well, following Sunday’s outing to get a plushie she saw on Sunday.
  • We went to eat kaiten sushi, which is conveyor belt suishi! I love it! So cheap, and good! After watching the 4th episode of Higepiyo though, I realize that I have yet to try Japanese Yakisoba.. so must go and have some.. will probably spoil my taste buds though.. how can I cope when I go back!
  • Prepped two boxes to mail on Wednesday. Rai lives with two roommates – French and Japanese females. Really nice people. Hard time to speak with Japanese roommate, better time to speak with “Nishi-loving French roomie” and this is in Rai’s reference. Aya will have a better time speaking with them. Because they like JE’s and aspects of Aya’s fandoms. I am in their words more like Rai, which is ero and bl-loving. Scared them with my bara ero manga… as I was prepping to mail it. Actually am pretty nervous about the shipment today. Hopefully it makes it to the U.S. in one piece!!!!! Hope Hope Hope! Shoot should have brought a charm for safe travels at Kyoto!

It is Wednesday morning now – Japanese time.. will today try to go to Tokyo Tower today, and then Akihabara – then to meet up with Rai at Shinjuku again!

Japanese wishlist in no order

Bento box supplies – especially onigiri supplies

Sailor Moon Artbooks #3-5
Nino Uchiwa for Aya
Rubber Keyboard.

Days to go back to the US: four to five more days.. T_T

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