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Conclusions of Trip to Japan..so recap of last week..

Okay fighting jet lag, but still persisting in writing this entry before my memory goes for remembering Japan specifics, organizing photos on Flickr.. Really want to hurry up so that I can share it with people.

Also waiting also for the packages to come in the mail. Maybe next week, so I can’t really do an inventory of what I purchased in Japan, until I get them all!


  • Okay made it to Akihabara again, and did not make it to Tokyo Tower.
  • Brought rubber keyboard, POP Vivi, and Uchiwa for Aya.
  • Bumped into some fellow travelers from Florida. Went with them to Shinjuku for a post office run, and then to Tokyo Dome again.
  • Once at the Tokyo Dome, the Kat-tun concert was still going in full swing – so many females! I was so impressed. Tried to explain who Johnny and what his policy was like to them
  • The Shonen Jump Store was nearby, so found this great Dr. Slump cell phone strap and One Piece pencil board.
  • After separating ways with those Florida travelers, went to the Okinomiyaki place with Rai. Had a craving  for Yakisoba… after watching the 4th episode of Higepiyo.. >_< Rai had an incident with her dish,while I believe I burnt mine a bit.. going to head over to Astor Place soon!!!!
  • Thought to go to Cold Stone Creamery for desert, but there was a free milkshake or is it Coolly’s day at Cold Stone, so the line was two hours + Tweet about it and spamfromjapan responded with another news about Ikebukuro’s line. So ended back at the crepe place near the Okinomiyaki place.. and had to cover my nose at the strong scent wafting from the Body Shop.. >_<
  • The weather was hot in Tokyo like the others days..


  • Finally made it to Tokyo Tower – very impressed, that I celebrated the sight of Tokyo Tower with a drink of Welch’s Grape Juice found at a vending machine nearby.
  • Took these shots of  black crows nearby.. and thought of Raye from Sailor Moon.
  • After a failed/success attempt at getting a tourist thingy at Tokyo Tower, I ended my time with going to a Baskin Robin’s at the Tower’s food court. Delicious Red bean  flavor treat!
  • During the middle of the day, went back to Mandarake at Akihabara to try and look for the Hojo Tsukasa 25th Anniversary artbook, couldn’t believe that it was sold already from the other day. Purchased Kamikaze Kaitou Jean artbook from the 5th floor Fujoshi section of Mandarake. Found Book off in the mean time, purchased an additional three artbooks from them. a B’s Log of Yojimbo, Magic Knight Rayearth, and Lunar Tsukihime. So happy!
  • Went to Nakano Broadway to meet up with Rai, used a coin locker for the very first time, and after a bit of a shopping, more pencil boards, and an extra puzzle frame. Also a foray into the hentai shop, had me aquiring the Princess Waltz Visual Fanbook. Okay warning, for shoppers.. ask, and you will be obligated to purchase the thing if it is the item. Wish that I wasn’t such a extravagant shopper. I love to buy almost anything I ask for. Ending up at that fast food curry place…
  • How I wish there was workable system of coin lockers in New York City. NYC in that aspects sucks and sucks big…


  • Mailed out my last package to America – yay!
  • Made my way to Harujuku, where I was slightly lost trying to find the Johnny’s Store.
  • Had a delicious crepe, since that seems to be a popular food item in Harujuku.
  • Found Johnny’s store, and couldn’t resist – brought a Shingo Katori Uchiwa. So many fangirls were there for Kat-tun merchandises though. Also they sold out on Arashi Uchiwas..so sad that I couldn’t get an Satoshi Ohno uchiwa!
  • Had omurice for the first time in Tokyo. Was okay.
  • Went back to Shinjuku for an attempt to find the Cold Stone that Rai took me to, but we didn’t make it to eat there last time. After two hours of getting lost – jumping from Department store to department store. Rai mentioned that Cold Stone was at Lumine. So I went thru Lumine 1, and then thru Lumine 2, where I finally found information, and learned that Cold Stone was at Lumine EST. There was three huge Lumine >_< . Found it and enjoyed a Peachy Cheeky limited flavor.. god it made me want to expect more in the U.S’s Cold Stones, but you can’t have it all.. so a second trip to Japan is needed to be planned for soon!
  • Made it back to Rai’s place to drop off some things, found my way outside..where I purchased a magazine for a free mirror. Gave the magazine later to Rai’s roommate.
  • Thought to meet up with Rai to find out that we’ve missed each other, so we then met again to go to Nakano Broadway. Had Sushi Kaiten for the second time.. really good stuff.. that is.. the place was slightly pricey than the first restaurant, but the cuts were a lot better.


  • Made it to Ghibli Museum, and went slightly nuts in the gift shop.
  • The Museum has a very strict policy on no photos inside, so went to take lots of pictures outside.
  • Went to Odaiba after wards to meet up with Rai’s roommate.. got to take this really cool monorail! That went 360 degrees and I was like wow! It was also the place where Fuji Television has its building, and really wonderful shots of the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower in the far distance. Had a terrible time with taking good pictures, as my camera sucks when it comes to night shots. Saw something being film nearby, and wondered what it was. Rai’s roommate and I were speculating if it was a dorama or not.
  • Ate at the food court, where there was a decent soba dish, was not feeling very full, so went to the McDonald’s next door for an Ebi burger, then had a delicious crepe for desert. The food court closed while w were still there, but we still ended up with my only time at Starbucks, where I ordered the customary Passion Tea, as it was summer, and pretty late for coffee.


  • IT LITERALLY POURED!!!!!!!!!!!!! After days of really hot summer weather, it rained, and man did it rain!
  • My feeling is that Tokyo never sleeps. The shops, rail and places were all very crowded still. Made a trip to Ikebukuro to Animate, and K-Books.
  • Ate a late lunch at Milky Way, with a much more taster dish of Omu Rice, and another Carmel flavor parfait. Was planing for Yakiniku for one more time, but turned out to be too much food and goodies to handle. So will have to go do Yakinuku in the Village in NYC.
  • Rai and I went out for bentos at the local supermarket, and were literally covered in water. My shoes, socks, pants were all soaked. Rai’s pants was literally drenched with water. It was not fun at all, as I felt like a cranky chicken or cat for no reason at all. Storms are not fun!


  • My last day in Japan.. >_< I really enjoyed my stay in Tokyo, and thankfully that Rai was able to put up with me.
  • The day came, and I had to go to the coin laundry to dry my clothes, soaked from the night before. More importantly, the sneakers, had to be dry by the time I go to take the plane.
    So I spent the morning drying the clothes, and then rushed off with my luggage to catch the Narita Express. I thought I was going to miss it or something.
  • When I finally got to Narita express, thank good things went smoothly. I was on the plane on time, and awake for 12 hours. There was a screaming baby nearby, which is unfortunate, but thank god I am not the parent. So bad for them to put up with the crying, and embarrassment. The line at customs was also long. Forgot that it was Memorial Day weekend. Went to have Tex-Mex for dinner afterward.

So that is my vacation in Japan in a very long winded nutshell.. still working on editing my 1000+ photos that I took on Flickr.. also expect some posts on shopping insights from moi.. and an inventory of what I purchased. I forgot to do an inventory when I was mailing the boxes..so… >_<

But as Moy and The Big N did post before. I believe I stayed with my budget.. what a wonderful shopping excursion this turned out to be.. ^_^

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  1. Kairu Ishimaru
    May 26, 2009 at 11:05 pm

    I envy you because you went to Ghibli museum. ;_;

  2. miz
    May 26, 2009 at 11:27 pm

    I envy my friend Rai a lot, because she gets to go six more times!!!!

  3. May 26, 2009 at 11:38 pm

    Oh. I wanna see those 1000+ photos btw. 😀

  4. miz
    May 27, 2009 at 5:29 am

    I am working on them as I am able to.. but will take some time.. ^_^

  5. May 28, 2009 at 5:44 pm

    All around the world, people must explain Johnny!

    I think your feelings about Tokyo are accurate. (Cue Initial D music: No One Sleeps In Tokyo.)

    The Ghibli Museum sounds like it would be utterly awesome.

    I eagerly await those photos.

  1. May 31, 2009 at 12:53 am

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