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Pictures of my May 2009 Trip to Japan

Okay a couple of days after my trip to Japan. I miss it, and want to go back! Of course the airplane ride was pretty not so cool.. 13 hours going to and 12 hours coming back. Complete with a screaming baby on the ride back. Jet lag knocked me over for the first two days or so, but with yesterday, it seems like it went back to normal. Thinking back to my trip though, I went at a great time, as my friend in Japan said. Right now it seems like it is rainy season in Tokyo now.. >_<

Here is my photo collection on Flickr


10 albums in all.. and if it gets confusing – start with:

Tokyo Batch – 1
Tokyo Batch  – 2
Kyoto Day 1
Kyoto Day 2
Weekend Saturday and Sunday
Courtesy of Rai
Monday to Tuesday
Wednesday and Thursday (Tokyo Tower)
Harujuku, Ghibli Museum and Odaiba
Last Day of Japan

Food in Japan was a collection of no particular order things.

So I think it is under Japan May Trip. Oh and if you want to comment, you would have to be a Flickr user, but if you have a yahoo account.. easily transferable right? I looked at Google’s Picasa and Yahoo’s Flickr and had to go with the unlimited picture dumping.

I meant what I saw when I said photo dump, so lots of images. Sorted out all the food images. Sorting out the other images would be way too exhausting.

Okay, I spent a little too much time taking way too many pictures of trains, food, ads, birds and architecture.

Because of my fascination with birds self-photography, I do take a lot of seemingly pointless pictures of wildlife. I blame this on my beginnings with taking pictures of crows in London.

Also as a practice tip from an acquaintance, he mentioned the validity of taking one than one shot of a subject to steady the hand. So lots of repetitious pictures.

Also lots of pictures of ads, since I happen to like watching Japanese cultures a lot. >_< Hence my love of some things, might seem a slight odd.

Also because of some experimentation. I pixelated some of the images, since the subject of the people were never asked if their pictures were to be taken. I had to do some measures of that.

Also because of privacy issues, my own image, as well as my friends are erradicated. I might put up some pictures on Facebook, but don’t ask me to add you, just because you want to see my mug. Nothing special. It is just that I went on a solo trip, so often my times visiting places. I didn’t get to get a picture of myself. There was lots of experimental shots though.

Follow the trend of my blogging in Japan, to actually piece together what exactly I did. Perhaps the photos can lead to some imagery to what I wrote?

Impressions of Japan Part 1
Impressions of Nakano Broadway = First day of shopping
Otome Road – a must!
Surprisingly an update from Kyoto

Rushing Off to Sendai
Busy Weekend – Sendai, Tokyo Dome, meetups

Monday to Tuesdays


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  1. May 31, 2009 at 1:48 am

    I cant stop drooling on your photos of the Ghibli Musuem. ;_;

  2. miz
    June 5, 2009 at 7:55 pm

    I loved Ghibli Museum as well.. really sad that I couldn’t jump in Neko Bus.. still my friend is real lucky. She gets to go more times to see the shorts!

  3. June 8, 2009 at 10:32 pm

    This is amazing, I hope to accomplish a trip to japan I’m my lifetime. Thanks for sharing!

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