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Impressions from yesterday – continuing thought.

May 12, 2009 4 comments

Okay it is right now 8:21AM Tokyo Time, May 13, 2009.. and I feel more awake now. 7:30 and May 12 in EST.

Title is probably based on Jet lag is possibly taking a toll. Still I must go go go! Going to take it a little easier.. but impressions from yesterday..probably my impressions will be bouncing around.. and I am probably very incoherent, but this is a subjective representaiton of a different culture.. and I have to sometimes repeat this to myself, Japan is my first Asain country to visit, even as my cousin in HK asks if I am going to visit, her – I really wish that was the case. Much better there, than my current experiences in Japan with not really speaking Japanese. Even the Japanese handing out tissues know that I am not Japanese and not hand me one.. T_T

Still I realize that it must be a Japanese love or something.. but got to say cell phone technology here is soooo good that I feel cell phone envy already! I am not a cell phone users per se, but I love the rule that you cannot speak on your cell phone in the train, and so I see so many people just doing the silent thing which to me is like texting..but as Rai reminds me…. that Japanese cell phone tech is so much more advanced.. so the train is blessedly silent..

As a foreigner in Japan, it is so hard to avoid bumping into people, but that is a previous bad posture to begin with. Although Rai mentions that Japanese people walk in a very cute way.. Don’t really see it as that. ^_^

Oh and I also happen to think that the restroom situation is sooo cool!

Ahh and it’s off for me to do laundry! I am right now going to upload photos as we speak.. no pictures for this entry tho.. ^_^

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Impressions of Nakano Broadway – First Day of Shopping

May 12, 2009 7 comments


Warning, this is NOT a picture of me!!!!!!!! I found this picture on Flickr!

I think sometimes this vacation of mine, is an elaborate shopping trip. (sighs). Yep so this morning I woke up at 5am. Will try to adjust to the time change asap, but it is going to be hard on my family who is also in a time change of their own, and I call them at really bad hours.

Anyhow this is what kinda happened in a long winded food nutshell. Profound impressions/issues, I need to write them, when I don’t feel like I want to collapse. >_<

After seeing Rai off to work, walked really early to Nakano Braodaway.You would have to be an anime lover to really enjoy this place.. and not mentally scream at seeing favored products.

Ate at McDonald’s hot dog for breakfast.Walked to Nakano Broadway. Stopped by Family Mart – brought drinks. Then stopped by another Drink Vending Machine – brought Hot Coco. Nakano Broadway was pretty deserted, so I walked there, stopped and brought an onigri, stopped and waiting for the store to open up, ate a slightly more filling breakfast at Cafe Miyama. Waited for there for about a half and hour. Stores weren’t really opened so went to  downstairs, had a pineapple crepe. Had one of the best Takoyaki ever a while later. Then got Welch’s grape juice for a pretty low price!

Finally stores began to open up, and I went to Mandarake for the first time, and man what an experience it was.. so this is what I got from Madarake area today.

  • Two tea cups for about 350 yen.
  • Disney Puzzle – Am contemplating on going back again to buy another or two puzzles!
  • Luffy, Brooke, Carue, Franky, Chopperman Figurines.. with my eyes set on obtaining Shanks and Portuges D. Ace as well. >_< . Refer here for info and pictures! Nearly broke the piggy bank on this one. Definitely spent over close to $500 for five figurines. Moy said to have at least enough money to go back to the U.S. and yes, but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t go nuts on this second day of Japan.
  • Sailor Moon Art book Vol 1. So sad that I cannot find more of this out of print collector’s set. Would still hope to find it!
  • Sailor Moon cards –  KareKano cards -Evangelion cards… omg I know that I would have doubles.. but my god.. the cards and sets! Contemplating on going back for either more Sailor Moon sets or Yu Yu Hakusho.

Walked back to Rai’s aparto after this, and I felt like an granny. It was so heavy and very hot. I hate the fact that I packed the wrong type of clothing.. >_< It felt like 80’s June-July weather! Also my bag broke, so now I am hefting around things, in a plastic bag.. >_<

Got lost for a while, and was thinking, where was I? Finally made it back up here. Went and ordered from

Two Dr. Slump Collector’s Set DVD
Black Lagoon Shen Hua figure.. >_<

Spoke with iceblueaya for a bit. Then rushed to meet up with Rai at Shinjuki, where we went to that gigantic Kino! I was so excited. Got another book! Had Okonomiyaki for dinner at this self-making resturaunt. I had buta flavored, and Rai had Squid flavor – pretty delicious.

We left by train, but before that had Green Tea flavor Taiyaki! Was crisper than Mitsuwa, have a fear that I won’t be able to compare things afterward w/o thinking of Nipon flavors.. T_T

Exhausted, but still moving! Well tomorrow would be another bigger day.

Food and purchases… ah such is life! Oh and I am not going to try the UFO machines, since I worry about wasting more money than not.

Have to figure out how to send things back to 801megane. Also going to Otome Road tomorrow night with Rai…quite excited! I know I need to upload pictures to Flickr, and I will tomorrw when I feel more rested.. >_<

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Impressions of Japan – Part 1

May 11, 2009 7 comments

My impressions of Japan can be summed up by U2’s Beautiful Day!

All right.. I know I need to post pictures, and think about music. It is my jet lag speaking – but finally I am in Japan! (Mental scream).

Yesterday my friend Rai was great to pick me up from the Shinjuku station, and wow Japanese subways are just that wow! I am still very impressed.

During the 13 hour flight, man that was long, I tried to do some sleeping. But really couldn’t, arrived in Tokyo at around 2pm, but got delayed for an hour because of swine flu heath inspections. Took the Narita Express, after renting a cell phone, and as of now. Made plenty of tentative weekday and weekend plans. It seems that all my friends are all quite busy in their jobs, so I will work with their schedules as much as I can.

Heading over to Kyoto and Sendai this upcoming weekend!

Overall impressions of the 1st day

  • The Japanese paper money is sure confusing.. >_<
  • Vending machines are so cool.
  • Tokyo Metro is sooo cool, but sooo confusing.
  • Tokyo weather is slightly warmer than I imagined it to be.
  • Don’t get mowed over by bicycles – no bicycle lanes on the streets, but to try and avoid riders is sure a challenge. Stay to the left of the street, Rai cautions.
  • Heading out today to try and speculate on some prices for figures, as well as DVDs of Dr. Slump.
  • Also going to see how the the McDonald’s compare to the McDonald’s here.. >_< Salamon Burger!
  • Streets are as long as what iceblueaya said they were to be!
  • Japanese toilet, shower situation at Rai’s place are sure just wow!
  • Got my first face mask, must stock up on that, when I am here in Japan!

Heading out today to Nakano – Broadway, going to Madarake.. and later meeting up with Rai to go for Ikebukuro and Yanikiku! My bag is packed with Japanese Tokyo travel books and my anticipation is revving up!

My god… my head hurts now.

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Ai Kawashima – Kinokuniya NYC – May 1, 2009 to Sakura Matsuri – May 2, 2009

May 4, 2009 2 comments


Okay — to check out more pictures of what I took, please visit my Flickr account at

This year, as Spring is arriving to the area. There was the annual Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden and something did happen this year, Samurai Beat Radio sponsored for the appearance of Ai Kawashima, a J-pop singer that I liked hearing upon her sing the theme song for One Piece’s 8th movie.

As a  preliminary fan event, she made a fan meet and greet, a night before at Kinokuniya. This reminded me of Hal-Cali for Japan Day last year, and I was pretty excited to go see her. I learned about her attendance several months ago from Samurai Beat Radio’s blog, where she actually guest blogged several entries.

Prior to the event,  there was a presentation of the 8th movie, so a sizable amount of people were waiting to see her. The event was not as big as TMR though, by friends of mine remarked that this event had more people than Hal Cali, who I like as well.

Back to Ms. Kawshima though, she came right on time, and appeared to be pretty shy, and quiet, so Megumi who was hosting the event did a lot of promotion. For her new album, tours, and of course her appearances. But here are notes I took of when she was here though:

  • This is her 4th time in NYC, having stayed in NYC for two months to record some songs.
  • She speaks some English, but she is still learning.
  • She loves penguins and visited the Central Park Zoo.
  • She also loves One Piece.
  • Of One Piece she loves the friendship message and views that Luffy is inspirational
  • She has built two schools in developing nations, with a third school on the way.
  • Before she became well known, she did 1000 street concerts in Tokyo.
  • She began singing when she was 15 years, around Yatsuya Station.
  • She is going to be returning to NYC to perform at Japan Day 2009
  • She’s really cute when she smiles, and she did smile several times!
  • She has a new album, single, and Japanese tour coming up, so that is really busy for her!


Okay now flash forward to the next day, and there was a huge turnout. Since this is my third year visiting Sakura Matsuri, I was pretty relaxed about the event. Prior to this weekend I had already visited the park, and while there was no Sakura whatsoever, I had to go get some pictures taken of the flowers, before they all got trampled by the mobs of people. This year, there was a great deal of more anime relevant things happening, as NY Anime Festival, Samurai Beat Radio were on hand to publicize events.

I didn’t get to the park until the afternoon, when a lot of events were kinda over. I did not realized that it rained until I read Hinano’s entry. As Hinano said there wasn’t as much unruly activity. I stood around a lot, took some shots of cosplayers.

Then met up with Eric, a friend and hung around with him, and my sister, Kero and Aya. Bumped into a lot of people. Nearly 3-ish – I went and grabbed a seat near the front. Wow there was definitely a lot of people. I watched a performance by Minami Kizuki, which was quite nice. I need to go and check out her cds now.. she has such a nice voice.. ^_^

Then came Ai Kawashima, she sang three songs with an encore of a fourth song. I believe I was in such a shock to hear her perform or the seating situation did wonders for my feet, that I could not hear her when she announced the songs she did.

But I know she sang

  • Daijoubu
  • Secret Treasure – in English

Thus concludes my visit for Sakura Matsuri this year!

Pretty busy now for Japan packing, and definitely not looking forward to this long work week ahead.

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Moving some episodic blogging over to Yoroshiku.. >_<

May 3, 2009 1 comment


Do not mind my really crappy Paint drawing. I am not smoking anything, or drinking anything that would impair my decision making skills. Okay my skills are even worse than Daijoubu, but ran out of ideas on what makes a good image to attest to my feelings.

Okay since I messed up the category listing for better words on my wordpress.. and WordPress has left me in the dust.. and copping out with ideas on what to write.. I have to say this – Must move onto maybe some new grounds to try and spread out an aspect of Episodic blogging!

This seasons as well as others seasons, I have been pretty not focused on the airing of anime, so often by the time the season is over and done with, and impressions of the upcoming anime season is coming fast and heavy. My ideas are usually moot by then.

Still sometimes I have that urge to do an episodic anime post, and Sagi seems to be that one for me this season. Not so good, when I keep on saying – how sad this anime is for me, when I am only going for the technical aspects. Still moving it onto Yoroshiku, so Go! Go! Go! Mush Mush Mush.. or in terms of my friend Kero as I push my friend’s out of the bookstores- Meish! Meish! Meish!!!!!

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Okay plans plans and more plans..

May 3, 2009 5 comments


I see on some occasions where some bloggers will inevitably allow a glimpse of what would be potential posts for the future.. well the time has come that I should actually write a similar post, otherwise the entries will go no where.. >_<

-Came back from two event filled days, and those need one post. – Ai Kawashima @ Kino and Sakura Matsuri – need some comparisons of Brooklyn Botanical Garden one week earlier, since i went there to take pictures, before the place gets trampled by people.

-I have met some new people on Twitter, and those provide wonderful conversation as well as some mental fodders for ideas. It is with this micro-blogging source, that I have decided to jump into and assist another fellow Ani-blogger. Surprised right? Well there was a call by @KairuIshimaru for help with Yoroshiku ….so you’re looking at a new writer for that blog. Now to see what to write there, and write here.. >____<

-Need to try and finish writing about Levi for my next Female feature.

Recently I also upgraded my Flickr freeloader to a Pro account, as a space for dumping photos. Need to try and improve on my photo skills, or technology.

Also an exciting opportunity… having the possibility of a podcast in the near future..

Agh! So many things to do, so little time!!!!!

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