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[SMAP] Specials for May without Kusunagi Tsuyoshi

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Well my timing is probably off, but I was waiting until Kusunagi Tsuyoshi gets to resume work, and with the delay that I get to see normal programming of SMAPxSMAP Bistro.  Figure that I’ll talk a bit about the specials that they are airing, in place of the regular programing with Kusunagi.

My friends in Japan got me thinking of not referring to Tsuyoshi as Tsuyoshi – because it is his first name, and I don’t know him. Apparently American Wikipedia decided to westernize his last and first name. I am still thinking of him as Tsuyoshi though.

Still because of the scandal, SMAP has been airing specials that alternate members. For the first week of May (May 4) they a Carpenters Musical special. The special looks very much like the Music specials they had in the past, so if you’re a fan of the Carpenters – check this out.Kimu Taku and Shingo has the strongest English voices in the goup.

The second week (May 11) had Kimu Taku hosting a special of interviewing a gathering of Japanese celebrities. Many of which I see in dramas a lot, and even featured the appearance of Becca.  It pretty hard to understand what the episode was about. But staring at this picture definitely reminds me of Rai’s French -Nishi loving roomie.. ^_^


May 18 was a special hosted by Shingo and Nakai. It had the adventures of Oha Shingo-Mama, as he goes to rouse and make breakfast for this family. It was pretty funny, given the difficulty of how the family woke up, or didn’t wake up. During the course of the morning, Shingo jokes on Zatoichi, which he is slated to play the famous blind swordsman.  Especially funny, when the real mama starts to threaten Shingo with a sword. He also does mention in the end that the younger son of 6 years old not hearing of his Shingo-mama character before. Nakai for his part of the show is babysitting the Obama Japanese comedian’s baby, and ends up throwing the baby up down like a sack of potatoes.. >_<

The last episode on May 25 before Tsuyoshi gets back on air had Goro and Shingo hosting a surprised or not surprised situation. There is a panel of guest judges that include Shaku Yumiko and Horikita Maki who are in two doramas I am watching this season. Basically, the judges have to rule on being surprised or not surprised by the items that they are presented with. I think basically everyone was surprised by how  much a certain item cost. >_<

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