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Some goals for the summer.. cleaning.. and Parfaits

June 14, 2009 Leave a comment

Since this is the weekend, when they have Anime NEXT and unfortunately I am not there. I figure I’ll do something. One is to clean my room, will be getting storage in the next several days. Storage that is for MY own possessions. Still have to get that, because I need to try, get organized and be a bit more conservative on my spending.

hiroko's place store front

Also another thing, on the recommendation of Hinano. I found my way to Hiroko’s Place in Soho…and man what a neat experience it was. I am on the look out for a Milky Way experience with parfeits. I miss that place in Ikekubkuro a lot, so have to find alternatives. Went there with Aya and Kero, after Mitsuwa yesterday. Mitsuwa I am contemplating on not going when there’s not a big event. Not at all fun with the crowds and the wait for the bus was very annoying.

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