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[SMAP] Drama Special – 06/22/2009

June 26, 2009 2 comments

Okay hands down, I am a SMAP fan, and have got to once again say that watching their variety show makes me feel really happy.

So this is several weeks after Kusunagi comes back, and yep this episode made me lol several times. There were two short dorama skits, with Kusunagi and Shingo in one, and Goro and Kimura in the other. Both are shoujo relevent episodes. I guess it should be said that in the group, Kimura, and Kusunagi are viewed as romantic interest, based on the doramas that are out there. Katori and Goro are comic actors, which had me lol most of the time. Occasionally SMAP does this in their program, which I like.


Bistro SMAP was also funny, with the appearance of two sons and their mother. It would appear that every female I see, would always be a fan of SMAP, the mother gives omiyage to SMAP, and then asks them for autographs to her sister. So embarassing for the brothers, and funny. Later when the guests chose the winning team as Katori/Kimura, and the mother had to kiss the winners. It was funny when Nakai said for the mother, Just like in the doramas, when she got nervous in kissing Kimura. This segment reminds me of that one episde where Becca’s mother came on with her. LOL


Musical guests in this episode are Black Eyed Peas. It is always interesting for me to see SMAP sing with foreigners. As well as the foreigners try to sing SMAP song, which in this episde, was “Them of 019” whichc was the opening track for their concert last year. I didn’t understand what they were talking about, but what I can deduce is that Black Eye Peas had something to do with the music from last year’s SMAP concert? Oh also I was also hoping that SMAP would sing “Let’s Get It Started” But then I wonder – if it would be too much for them.. maybe “My Humps” would have been a little too much as well. So they sang, “I Gotta Feeling” where Shingo seems to be having a blast.. Oh the conversation at the end, wondering why there was no translater for the Black Eyed Peas, since there was obvious Lost in translation moments. Oh interesting point – Kimura with corn rows in his hair. >_<

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