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Japan’s Stash and Closing Remarks..

July 26, 2009 4 comments

Ahhh this is one of those posts, I should have posted a while ago….(>_<;) what did I exactly get from my trip in Japan. Sometimes this type of entry may feel silly, and yes as I type this entry, with my cat sleeping on my leg – I wonder ?

Upon going to Japan, yes I have experienced the Mecca, that is shopping in Akihabara, and other places in the land of the rising sun. Yes, there are things that I should have done, yes I am wanting to go back to experience more, and yes it is a culture that is different to the culture that is America.

This is actually a slight memory case on my part, to remmeber what I did when I was in Japan, what I got Anime-relevant. Others will have to stay in my mind.


Okay I ended with mailing seven boxes back home. The picture is actually of only a small portion of it. Postal rate is not cheap.. not even sure where to place or sneak everything back home, since I lied to my mom, about not buying anything.. >_< Also I omitted some items, because I don’t believe it fits with the topic of it being of anime interest. Would people be interest in the books I got to read in Japan? Or the general mill of Japanese souvenirs? I don’t think so.

Trading cards
Sailor Moon x2 packs
Yu Yu Hakusho x5 packs (Ending up selling two back to Mandarake)

Pencil Boards aka Shitajiki aka My favorite thing for a Japanese anime celeb to autograph.
Laputa x 2
Wish x 2
Ranma 1/2
Zombie Loan
Lucky Star
Kiki’s Delivary Service
Ah My Goddess
BL Themed ones x 3
One Piece x Dragon Ball
One Piece
Mezzo Forte OVA
You’re Under Arrest
Shikabane Hime
Hunter x Hunter
Yu Yu Hakusho
City Hunter

All of Dr. Slump’s DVDs about three sets. Movies, 2nd set of the classic television show. Entire 90’s edition. One of them came with the limited edition figures!

Music CD’s
Ultra Blue by Utada Hikaru – only saw it for about $9.50 when I think of it as $20+ in Book off here.
piece by Agaraki Yui

Puzzle Frame x3

Puzzle sets x 3
Kiki’s Delivery Service
One Piece x Dragon Ball 40th Anniversary Stained Glass Effect Set

Manga x3
3x Bara Anthologies

Nyan-ko sensei

Cell Phone charms
Dr. Slump

Okane Ga Nai
Sailor Moon Vol 1 and 2 only
Hojo Tsukasa 25th Anniversary
B’s Log Yojimbo Fan book
Princess Waltz Visual Fanbook

Action Figures
(POP: Luffy, Brooks, Franky, Carue, Chopperman, Vivi)
Black Lagoon Shenhua

I left all my puzzle sets and frames at an acquaintances home.

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Otakon 2009 and aftermath…

July 20, 2009 Leave a comment

Right now thinking about how to write the con report, will link back here when I am done with the writing. So if you’re reading this. This is a customary thing I do. A con report for JLHLS and a perspective here. LOL.

Ahh what can I say about Otakon 2009, other than meeting up with my con roomies from last year, our friendship has gotten better. It is nice and strange to talk with them. Weird feeling no? Also I believe this is the year, where I met a lot of people that I would have loved to meet, via Twitter or non-Twitter. I met some of them such as TheBigN, Sh1zuka, and Moritheil. Thank you guys and gals for the experience!

Also as Press, spoke with Gia of AnimeVice some more, and definitely made some more photographer acquaintances, Peter Ng. It was great like that. I am by no means technical, and definitely need more time – that I don’t really have. Most likely would go and take a class in the near future.

For many of the events on Friday, I hung out with Omo and his friends for a lot of the events on Friday. Friday night was the concert. My god that was an amazing experience.

Saturday was a day of running around to correct what I thought I lost. That would have been a problem for my con report.

Oh and yep I must be a lucky person sometimes. When I wrote on my blog, last I said I lost my SD card ne? Well come Saturday night, I went back to the last place I thought that I last saw it, and lo and behold I found it. Of course now I am trying to think about fixing the convention images nice and pretty. That is going to be a tackle, since my photographer friends seem so swamped. Just need to get a better lens and flash, and it is off I go.

Anyhow in the mean time I went off and did other things I normally did at Otakon, which was was wait. I wasn’t as able to attend many panels this year at all. All those little favors, I truly hope that my report won’t be that bad.

Got all the autographs I would ever want this year! Three for my own fan collection, and two more for my friend. I was so surprised at getting them all!

Also broke my condition to my mother yet again. God she needs to get a grip, or is it that I have such a complex about her? Well for the same matter, I can say yet once again I HATE/love THE DEALER”S ROOM.. them with their products! That’s the whole concept of spending money and more that bites you in the back. Ah woe it is to be an Otaku or anime fan. My room’s mess is inching way and way near the bed door with my collection.

I couldn’t believe how many Secret Desires products I got this year. Will update game list to be played later. Will probably give them reviews if I ever finish them. Ahh the desires of a shopaholic, and the fact that I feel the need to spend spend spend.. on things that I can get in Japan or on 18+ things. My other friend had to take back a One Piece POP figure I got. Should I do a convention haul?

Roughly I got four new PC video games, One Piece POP figure, two books from Artist Alley, bookmarks, and earrings from Artist Alley.

Now back to New York City, and real life comes crashing in. Need to go and do my Japanese homework for lessons, and do a lot of other tasks. Edit some more papers, work on writing the con report, and prepare the concert pictures, which I am relying on my photographer friend, who is very busy by the way. Maybe I can ask my other photographer acquaintances, who lent me a flash and an extra SD card during the con, but I feel kinda bad to ask him, when he might be doing some other things. Argh! Well MELL concert pictures and Tamura concert pictures are going to take a slight bit of time. So those who would want to see them, better wait.. >_<

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Otakon 2009- Day 1 and Prior

July 18, 2009 3 comments

I arrived to Baltimore via Bolt Bus with a roommate acquaintance, which has free Wifi, will be leaving on it by myself on Sunday. Hopefully I will be able to sneak past my mom some items I shouldn’t have got in the Dealers room. What can I say, penalty next month then.

Oh well another year at Otakon, what is that word again? I probably should use this type of phrasing to being my official Otakon report. This year so far as I saw is that the crowds and lines are actually larger, it is actually quite nerve wrecking. This year is my second year as press, and it is a grain of salt.

Grain of salt, they have great guests, but really bad on the scheduling. I was trying to get for Rai Becca’s sign and there is only one chance, and I lost it. I did get to get Kikuko Inoue and Mell’s autograph today. This year there is a lot of concerts, and I am sure if you look at Anime Vice, Japanator or all the other blogs, then you’ll see something.

My legs, and arms are hurting in some muscle group, and I am in shock actually.

Right now it is about 4am in the morning, and I am trying to get over something that really upsetted me, in the last two hours when I realized that I lost it.

For people who follow me on twitter. My twitter is at the moment private, and for Otakon, I am actually twittering on another name, that is my organization that I am writing for.

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Book Off – Japan’s Used Bookstore Giant in New York City

July 16, 2009 5 comments


I have been going to this location since I was in High school. Book Off is located in a tucked away block on East 41th street between 5th Avenue and Madison Street is Book Off, Japan’s largest chain of used Bookstores. This is a place to pick up used books, manga, cds, DVDs and video games. Anything that is sold in a book store is usually sold here, and for a reasonable price as well. The bookstore is also always looking for any of the above that a person has to sell. Dependent on the condition though, the seller of these items to the store will most likely not see as good as a return, unless they go sell it themselves or anyone wants to purchase it from them.

Inside the bookstore there are three levels. No elevators, and is usually a tight squeeze. The basement has Japanese language used books, while the first floor has CDs, DVDs, Video Games, English used books and stationary items. In between the first and second floor is a section on the English books of Japanese culture, novels, or learning tools. The second floor is an small alcove where there is the manga, artbooks, magazines, toys and a small Children section.

Seating is sparse throughout the store, so many people just stand. There are step ladders around the first floor and the basement, so that people can occasionally stand to on it to look for high reaching items, or perhaps sit on it? A popular sitting spot in the bookstore is the stairway that leads to the second floor.

Outside, E41th Street is known to bibilo-lovers as as Library Way, with plaques of literary expressions that commemorate NYPL and Grand Central’s partnership.

Also nearby Book Off, there is also the several more Japanese points of interest. There is the main Cafe Zaiya location, a Japanese small grocery, and a sushi restaurant. I love going to the grocery store, because of the Japanese food items, they also often have the television on showing Japanese food programing that I would never see otherwise. There is a small food location at the grocery store itself, only cash though. Zaiya offers set lunches on Monday to Fridays, and does take cash/credit. I have rarely stepped into the sushi restaurant, so not that much thoughts on it.

Of the four locations, I noticed Zaiya, the grocery store, and Book Off also having free Japanese periodicals available. Included in the Japanese periodicals is the monthly Chopsticks that is the English version highlighting all of the Japanese places of interests, and articles. Oh and Book Off seems to be the only place that has a bulletin board ad space for sale. So for those interested in looking at bulletins, or placing an ad Japanese relevent.. ^_^

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NYAF’s Cyborg She aka Boku no Kanojo wa Saibogu

July 13, 2009 3 comments

Okay so the weekend has been pretty packed, this was the last 2009 New York Asian Film Festival movie I went with my sister to watch. The festival ended on July 12 – so  I saw this on July 11.

cyborg she

Prior to the movie, what made me go see it was because Koide Keisuke, who I have not seen since Rookies the dorama. I didn’t realized until after the movie that Ayase Haruka was also in the movie. I am currently watching her in Mr. Brain, so let’s just say what a surprise. Her features are pretty different from Mr. Brain, or it is the hair? I believe though, because she acts as a cyborg might have me not recognizing her.

This is a pretty good movie, it is similar to all the other cyborg movies I have seen – pretty sad with the premises and possibilities. Not sad as a romantic picture though. This movie is the first Japanese film by Korean director Kwak Jae-Young who also directed 2001’s Korean romantic movie My Sassy Girl. That movie I didn’t particularly care for at all.

Cyborg She is about Jiro, a college student who spends his birthday alone, until one night he meets a girl, and this girl disappears to reappear a year later – completely different from the previous year. He finds out that she is a cyborg sent to rescue him, and from there – their relationship grows, and this movie expands. This movie does have time paradoxes like Back to the Future, and as reviews said, pays some homage to Terminator.

Those familiar to Japanese entertainment (doramas and movies) should note that Takenaka Naoto, Kohinata Fumiyo, and Hiromasa Taguchi also made cameos. Well those cameos were memorable for me, although the antics of Jiro’s friend is funny and annoying at the same time.

Here’s a trailer to the movie:

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Otakon Schedule – initial planning..

July 11, 2009 3 comments

My blog will probably turn into an Pre-Otakon planning ground. This is my third year going, and first time that I didn’t plan on the moment (ie when I get to Baltimor). Got inspired to plan my schedule after seeing Omo’s planning. Lucky him with getting to go Tokyo. I still miss that city after going there in May. Got a slight headache from trying to scroll the page from left to right.. why can’t they have an option where you can check off things you want to do from a damn stationary checklist?

At the moment, these are what events I am going to most likely do at Otakon:

otakon plans

The first set of tables is on Friday. I will be giving up the time to go see VAMPS, but I think the opportunities to see a seiyuu is much more important. Will have to see on the spot if I want to go to Otakon Fan Parodies or not. Also not sure about fan panels. 18+ panels I am slightly iffy on, but because I am actually in a closer hotel this year, shall have to see. Not included in the events are Twitter Meet up on Friday evening before MELL’s concert.

Wondering at the moment if Naomi Tamura can autograph my artbook for Magic Knight Rayearth. Ahh most likely not, but cool swag for her I don’t have.. still I think I have okay items for the other guests to sign. I hope to god that I will be able to get Becca and Kanon Wakishima’s autographs – for a friend.  I can say now that I am not really familiar with their works, but because my friend asked for autographs, must attempt.. still this year’s Otakon is going to very likely be a memorable year as well. ^_^

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Otakon 2009 Prelimiary Event Schedule released!

July 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Whoa.. I just found out about Otakon’s Preliminary Event Schedule and man is this year’s autograph scheduling sad or what.. >_<

It can probably lessen wait time, but if my eyes aren't deceiving me – Kikuko Inoune is only going to be autographing for one day. MELL, Becca, and Wakishima Kannon will be doing autographs after their concerts or so. Oh and because VAMPS are going to be in the room prior to the Opening Ceremonies, they’re going to empty the room half an hour before. I don’t believe this would conflict with press. I wonder if they’ll do it like last year? Because of the stress of there being a duo of famous rock singers, and the fangirls. I am actually thinking about the relative calmness of the Opening Ceremonies afterward. >_<

I somehow feel my face kinda pinching up in stress.. at the wait and running between these autograph sessions, and trying to go to other panels.

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Preparations for Otakon 2009

July 5, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay, hotel room check – months ago, with roommates from last year. Triple check!

Bus ticket check check..

I don’t know if I will be able to locate my DS Lite in time, oh well I never was able to get into those huge group things at Otakon. I still have my beloved laptop and PSP though.

Also placed the things to get autographed somewhere I can remember it.

Must remember to go out tomorrow and purchase Sharpies from Staples. Go and hit the three bookstores for Becca’s cd and definitely go and check out B&H for a camera bag.. with an extra battery to purchase.. must find the SD card I purchased when I was in Japan. ^_^

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