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July 2, 2009 2 comments

Okay.. just looking and their long line of food products, only avaliable in Japan, makes me feel deppressed.

I am starting this mantra in my head,”America you suck!” Food products only available in the U.S. sucks.  Why is it that you can never get the variety of flavors and packaging like Japan?!

Why is there this product ideal? Sure I am Japan crazed, but that’s it! Variety in the U.S. is pretty poor.. and their news/problems even more so.

Now to look at and realize that I would never get the variety like Japan irks me off… >_<

Being able to order it through the internet, can you realize how broke I would get? I already feel broke.

But I want to try Pepsi Shiso!!!! I wanted to try Pepsi Blue Hawaii…. okay you can see that I am not so much of a Coke fan, even though I did drink a lot of Coke products in college.. ugh!!!!

Still it is chemicals right, and water is the best drink you can get, but with the way my appetite has so lessen ever since I came back from Japan. (sighs). Not to complain, but I will eventually go back to visit the land of the rising sun again.

J-list as I currently know is at Anime Expo, of which I am not going to, got to prep for Otakon actually. Still I would imagine I know that the Secret Shop is going to be at Otakon, they’re a dealer affliate of

Oh here’s a review of Pepsi Shiso….

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