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J-list.com’s Youtube Review on a Japanese drink.. and a slight rant on my part..

Okay.. just looking Jlist.com and their long line of food products, only avaliable in Japan, makes me feel deppressed.

I am starting this mantra in my head,”America you suck!” Food products only available in the U.S. sucks.  Why is it that you can never get the variety of flavors and packaging like Japan?!

Why is there this product ideal? Sure I am Japan crazed, but that’s it! Variety in the U.S. is pretty poor.. and their news/problems even more so.

Now to look at J-list.com- and realize that I would never get the variety like Japan irks me off… >_<

Being able to order it through the internet, can you realize how broke I would get? I already feel broke.

But I want to try Pepsi Shiso!!!! I wanted to try Pepsi Blue Hawaii…. okay you can see that I am not so much of a Coke fan, even though I did drink a lot of Coke products in college.. ugh!!!!

Still it is chemicals right, and water is the best drink you can get, but with the way my appetite has so lessen ever since I came back from Japan. (sighs). Not to complain, but I will eventually go back to visit the land of the rising sun again.

J-list as I currently know is at Anime Expo, of which I am not going to, got to prep for Otakon actually. Still I would imagine I know that the Secret Shop is going to be at Otakon, they’re a dealer affliate of J-list.com.

Oh here’s a review of Pepsi Shiso….

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  1. September 5, 2009 at 1:01 pm

    I think the amount of strange flavours available in Japan is a reflection of the market. Brands have a really, really short product life-cycle here.

    But you get lots of other stuff. Like toothpaste, lean meat and deodorant. That’s gotta be worth something, right?

  2. miz
    September 6, 2009 at 12:42 am

    It would be a reflection of the market, but it leads to more creativity and spontaneity. Since Japan is an island nation, with a lot of items imported from outside. I imagine people would have to try to not take it for granted that things can be long lasting. Same goes for lean meat.. people would probably try to demand for it.. but I am not a fan of meat. Japan has Kobe beef, so that is like an organic fresh cow. Much better than chemically induced animals over here.

    Tooth paste, lean meat and deodorant are something that is available in the U.S. and can be taken for granted, but hasn’t other countries try to make do with whatever resources they have? France is particularly known for their perfumes. I had also noticed that Japan like many other countries do have an issue with dental care, but I have noticed that there is the appearance of braces.. and such.

    Each country has their own goods and bad, unfortunately I happen to really like different flavors. It would also depend on if the consumer would purchase it. U.S. also seems to have a thing with patent protection, so if people try to do a new flavor – either one – it is pretty bad.. or Two demand more money as compensation on copyright infringement. This would all be a concept of Supply and Demand.

    I am never going to be able to taste Pepsi Shiso based on the fact that it would be way too costly to import in a normally only 100-300 yen drink.. T_T Oh well.. I can only say it is lucky you got to try it.

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