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Preparations for Otakon 2009

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Okay, hotel room check – months ago, with roommates from last year. Triple check!

Bus ticket check check..

I don’t know if I will be able to locate my DS Lite in time, oh well I never was able to get into those huge group things at Otakon. I still have my beloved laptop and PSP though.

Also placed the things to get autographed somewhere I can remember it.

Must remember to go out tomorrow and purchase Sharpies from Staples. Go and hit the three bookstores for Becca’s cd and definitely go and check out B&H for a camera bag.. with an extra battery to purchase.. must find the SD card I purchased when I was in Japan. ^_^

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Cosplay and the beginning of Otakon 2009 waiting..

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Technically as a New Yorker, I should have started to count my Summer convention season since Anime Next, but nah, it would have to be Otakon. Let’s see my convention schedule mostly for this year and last, was New York Comic Con, Book Expo, New York Anime Festival, and that’s about it. So my only out of state convention is Otakon. It is actually a goal of mine to eventually go to Anime Expo and Anime Boston, but who knows. This year’s Otakon is my third time going, and second year as press, plus with a Twitter Meet up, that is pretty exciting.

Also because this year, they’re having MELL!


So I am set for my waiting for her appearances at Otakon. Well will also try and see Becca and Wakishima Kannon. But yep.. am waiting.

Now what does this got to do with cosplay?

I really appreciate good cosplay, and as an amateur photographer. I like to take cosplay photography. I really wish that I can also have the time, patience to even get my act together to dress up. I have two cosplay friends that I look up to, and at the moment – even though they are not in the states, both of them at the land of the rising sun at the moment. I always think about the day I will cosplay as Arale Normaki!

Still I alwas think about a pesdo-cosplay, it worked slightly last year, but the attempt for kinda lack luster. Still I appreciate good cosplay tips, and I found it while reading through my 1000+ Google Reader.

Cosplay Body Tips – covering that Tattoo

Cosplay Survival Bag

Interesting reads for a would be cosplayer! There are some more blog entries about cosplay tips at Otaku Review.. ^_^

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