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Otakon 2009 Prelimiary Event Schedule released!

July 9, 2009 Leave a comment

Whoa.. I just found out about Otakon’s Preliminary Event Schedule and man is this year’s autograph scheduling sad or what.. >_<

It can probably lessen wait time, but if my eyes aren't deceiving me – Kikuko Inoune is only going to be autographing for one day. MELL, Becca, and Wakishima Kannon will be doing autographs after their concerts or so. Oh and because VAMPS are going to be in the room prior to the Opening Ceremonies, they’re going to empty the room half an hour before. I don’t believe this would conflict with press. I wonder if they’ll do it like last year? Because of the stress of there being a duo of famous rock singers, and the fangirls. I am actually thinking about the relative calmness of the Opening Ceremonies afterward. >_<

I somehow feel my face kinda pinching up in stress.. at the wait and running between these autograph sessions, and trying to go to other panels.

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