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Asahiya – Tucked out of the way Japanese bookstore..

August 30, 2009 3 comments

Okay this bookstore is tucked away on a side street, so most people would go over to Kino or BookOff, here is Asahiya. It is located on E45th street between 5th and Madison. It use to be located on Vanderbilt and as other people would often say that the selections here wouldn’t be as much as Kino nearby. This place is a complete contrast to Kino, in only selling Japanese mangas, and no English graphic novels. Most of the products are also shrink wrapped, so it protects the products.

The bookstore is only one floor, as you walk into the store, there is a large row of magazines that get updated on a near weekly basics. You can also browse the magazines here, whereas it is shrink wrapped at Kino. The magazines are also more updated than Kino’s. So if you like to browse before you purchase then Asahiya is a place to go.

The cash register as I would place as a point of origin, is in the center of the room, with CDs/DVDs on the right of the room if you look dead straight into the room. The Japanese animation/mangas are in the back of the room to the right end, with a cart of discounted CDs/DVDs nearby. There are stationary products behind the cash register section. Also a Japanese learning section with the store’s few English titles on the left of the register. Toward the back of the room on the left side, before you go into the right end of the room, there is a small set of stairs with a television set.

What makes this place stand out is the point card that this store uses for customer loyalty and points aspect. BookOff did away with the system a while back, so only Asahiya of the three NYC bookstores would keep this style. If you fill up a card, it would be about -$10 discount. Each stamp is worth about $5.

Recently though, there have been a great deal of Japanese anime/stationary sales at this location. I picked up several plushes that were marked down really cheaply. Stationary, CDs, DVDs were also heavily discounted toward the back. A friend of mine picked up so many figures.

This is a bookstore to at least sample on a visit to New York City, it may be considered to be small, but quaint. On Fridays the bookstore cloes at 9pm, so my friends and I usually are at Asahiya until they close, and I have never noticed a PA system, rather their way of signaling closing is to to turn off the lights. Still this is a blog entry on featuring Asahiya, if you want more opinions or reviews, I would point out that there are more opinions of this location at

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Tea being passed off as New York Tea in Japan…would that work?

August 20, 2009 2 comments

After a period of checking through my Google reader… found this blurb of information via Japan Probe, but the gist is this, Ito En is marketing Tea’s Tea as an exotic New York drink. I buy enough of their drinks from Kino or from Zaiya, but talk about globalization marketing. Wonder if the scheme works?

Here’s a youtube video.

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Personal speculations on a release of an anticpated series?

August 18, 2009 Leave a comment

As I was in the midst of updating categories, and checking old youtube links to see if the videos were dead or not.. I came across this youtube video, and am in the process of pinching myself to see if this is going to be reality or not.. If this news is accurate, then am very very glad that the series is coming over. Will have see it dubbed or not. But the excitement is probably going to give me palpitation.. >_< Slightly disappointed that the 80's version is not going to be translated, but if I can see the 90's versions in full.. then..

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[PSP] Fantasy Golf Pangya or just Pangya PSP

August 17, 2009 Leave a comment

Yes the ending of the summer is near, and yes the weather really sucks.. heat is pretty nuts.. but have been staying away from the PC MMO’s for about two weeks now. Working on a newsletter and is nearing publication, just waiting for one more article. I really don’t want to nag the writer. But I imagine that is all right. Next time I will be having a co-editor for assistance really. But what else to write..

Pangya – I really got obsessed with playing this game, and yes there are different references even between the two games versions. PSP and PC version. I got the PSP version for a reasonable price, after watching @Starcreator play with his during Otakon.

Earning Peng is pretty hard, since my skill with the strokes is what I am slowly trying to improve on I am doing, but the storyline is pretty good, this is one example I would really like to be made into an anime, that I would watched. The last game that struck my fancy like that was Nintendo’s Animal Crossing, which got made into an animated movie. There are also pretty nice outfits, items, and accessories…really want to collect them all!

So far am up to the storyline of Cecilla, and just passed the tutorial for Tomahawk shot.. so even if I can’t manage it on the PC version, at least I’ll be able to succeed in it with the PSP.

Here is the youtube video for the trailer:

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Response to Koje Oe’s “Giving recognition where it’s due”

August 15, 2009 2 comments

Okay I normally don’t get that annoyed by blogs entry, and I read/skim a lot of them via Google Reader, but this has to be shooting yourself in the foot, and opening up a can of gunpowder. I reminded myself on what is considered blog etiquette before writing something like this.

The blog entry in question is this.

This is where I find issue with… and I decided to write a blog entry, because I figure my comments would be a little too much text for the response box. Plus blogs have a trick called linked back.. so if I referred on my entry, their blog entry, then yes the original writer will be able to access this entry.

I don’t read anime blogs. I don’t read your blog. I don’t like your blog because you might write 1 entry that month that I might actually read. I hate all the blogs on animenano (maybe that’s the problem) because they’re completely boring, and not relevant to my interests.

One – If you don’t read anime blogs, then you must follow some news so that you get updated with Anime news… if you read one entry that month. Then isn’t that reading an anime blog then?
Two -Are you trying to flame someone, because as a reader of anime blogs myself, I have taken the courtesy of time to look through your blog as well. While my commenting habit might be rusty, don’t use strong words as a way to downplay your blog.
Three – I see that you have J-list’s “Friends of J-List” Affiliate Program, so isn’t that then a characteristic of a Japanese lover, or one that blogs anime topics? Because as I read the information page, people actually can earn commission for showing that ad. So you’re earning money off of something that can be considered a hobby.
Four – Anime Nano, is something that can be sifted through, and while yes, there are blogs that may seem redundant, it actually is not your decision to say otherwise. I have discovered blogs that are getting pretty big names out there in the anime blogosphere, and to hear you belittle that makes me feel annoyed.
Five – It is a matter of preference, and some bloggers may need improvement, while I don’t count myself out of this loop. It is a matter of opinion.. and while this make be a statement you make to introduced Canned Dog’s blog, then pretty callous opinionated words. Not everyone can be like Danny Choo or other famed anime blogs… so don’t kid yourself.
Six-Blogging, and writing is an activity that is worked upon, so remember your audience and who you are actually writing to. Writing styles are actually different, and for the reader to have a preference to read various styles of blogs, then that is for their choice to make.

I can’t really write any more than this, and to actually think about this coherently at 5am is wearing. Last perspective to say, pretty much take a grain of salt with every reading experience, but try to keep an opinions to yourself, and if you don’t like a writing style then yes – don’t read it… But don’t contradict yourself.. sheesh…

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Twitter and different reactions noted in a time of natural ocurances..

August 9, 2009 4 comments

I was speaking with moritheil recently about matters of twitter, and how often the service goes so fast, that it can be overwhelming. Lots of people have different opinions and it can be pretty profound one. This is an event on Twitter I read and notes on how different reactions can be.

One thing I do on my twitter @animemiz, is that I follow non-native Japanese people who live in Japan. Their tweets remind of Japan, and this was what I read as I woke up, and realize that there was an earthquake. This is a BBC News article.


big earth quake




Holy shit that was a pretty massive earthquake… I seriously thought I might have to bolt the house.


Woah earthquake! Long one too.


that was scary…. 今の地震怖かった。


LOL, Twitter timeline. Everybody tweeted the earthquake instead of finding cover. This will kill us one day, I’m sure.


earthquake over – mag 4 I’m fine but more importantly – the daughters and figures are safe.




Thanks everyone, we’re fine. Was a 4 on the Japanese ‘shindo’ scale, similar to magnitude 4. My Star Wars figs will have fallen over…


Wow, a ton of rain now. A big typhoon is passing by and dumping lots of rain on Japan.

It is pretty interesting to see what impacts Japan. Definitely glad that this earthquake wasn’t as serious as let’s say Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, but definitely a dejavu worrying moment! Contacted some friends living in Japan via Facebook. Can’t call Rai this early..still.. will email!

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Flashback to Tsukihime..

August 5, 2009 Leave a comment


Last week as I was out in Asahiya, I came across Dengenki‘s August issue and it came with a trove of Tsukihime swag.. I was slightly into this series when I was in college for a very superficial reason – the opening.. yes the opening sucked me it.. with the music and all.. check out this opening and you’ll see what I mean.

The ending is also decent, very reminiscent of Sailor Moon’s first ending really. I saw the opening months before I knew what the story was about, so I was having Sailor Moon remake fantasies.. Anyhow with the way the anime turned out – the series still impressed me to collect the soundtrack for this series.. back to what I got..the magazine. I barely know any Japanese, and to know that my mom will have my head on a spike for getting the magazine. My mom previously grabbed all my older issues of Nakayoshi several years ago and did away with them. But the swag convinced me to pay imported price for this issue.

Pencil Board, and a figure – two goods that caught me hook and sinker.


I doubt that I will be able to get the Princess form of Arcueid, I saw a larger figure of her at K-books 3 at Ikebukuro several months ago, but to purchase a figure that wasn’t on my radar – or like One Piece POP. I didn’t purchase. Did see these collectibles from the same issue, and can only wish as well.


Did get this figure, and is pretty happy.

figure- labeled

Still… wonder what would eventually happen to this figure? At the time present right now, my mom is actually cleaning through the house, so I got in slightly with my act of throwing out papers. Will probably try to do a larger over haul through my book shelf soon as well. So graphic novels will be sold eventually.

Ahh this this also the first slight photo of my figure collection. I look at my larger boxes of POP nearby and Shenhua, and eventually if I have the mood and the space – will try to do a photoshoot of them. ^_^

Recently on Yoroshiku, I was writing about what can make a character be liked obsessively, and with my semi-updated Anime Girls on feature – I do wonder often why that would happen. I was reading pretty good responses, and to see Arcueid. I can say that I got to like her on a very superficial level. (The opening) God the way she fell off that building.. the poise, grace, sacrifice, and the hair.. (sends shudders down my back).

I was pretty surprised by her back story when I saw the anime several years ago. I never played the video game, even though I have an artbook I purchased that is obviously based on the game courtesy of Akihabara’s Book Off.. So even if I do mention her here, superficially I can say that she won’t be on my top character list, but I do like her though..

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Pangya, Free Realms, and DOMO in general..

August 4, 2009 4 comments

This summer, one of the things I have continued on from the spring is to play MMO’s….


Pangya is my first MMO, and after the constant issues I see with it, either not getting on the server myself or via Hinano’s game blog. I finally had to start a new name. This is a cap of a recent round I was doing.

I don’t see myself as a successful gamer – even though I purchase the amount of games I do. My motto for Pangya is to hit the comet into a safe area, as close to the hole as possible. At this time, without a lot of practice, I don’t know if I can even use the items or do any special shots, even though it is a matter of timing, and pressing on the keyboard. I kinda think of this being a turtle and hare race. So even if I am not that good, at least there is some point to play the game. I purchased the PSP version of Pangya, so let’s see how that would go eh..?

DOMO… another game I am trying out with 801Megane and Hynavian as friends. So confused with the job selection… just don’t know if I am motivated.It seems really pretty though, and pretty strange.

Then there is Free Realms. That I actually threw $5 to purchase pets. It is the easiest game out of these three,that I find myself having slightly a bit more fun in. However because of timing, haven’t spend on it as much as I want. (Sighs)

Summer is ending soon…sooner than I had imagined.

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