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Response to AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » CNN Video ‘Recession hits anime’

August 2, 2009 2 comments

AnimeNation Anime News Blog » Blog Archive » CNN Video ‘Recession hits anime’.

What to say about this article?

Recession should be hard for anyone..

General reasons for myself is money and factors of not wanting to listen to dubs.  Still for the Japanese ones, piracy is an issue anywhere.

If I had the money in the world, I will be purchasing imported DVD’s like a fiend.. but that is to be seen.

Any side products from series that I like, will see my support, but it is quite sad to see how much money those animators earn.

When I was in Japan I saw cels being sold for a pricy amount, and worth even more if the main animator signature was on it. Now I think about artist aquaintances, and just think I need to go and finish writing a review soon..

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Lots of activities, no clear focus.. Ack..

August 2, 2009 3 comments

Well the Summer Anime season is over, and apparently now Fall Anime is being discussed.. anime con season is on a break, but peaking with NYAF in September. Today’s weather is okay – cool after two days or so worth of rain.

So what now?

Summer goal, and life long goal musing I assume.

Japanese learning – on a break after instructor went on vacation – considering Japan Society now as an alternative, as the CUNY colleges that all have Japanese classes require you to be a student in their school for it. Plus those classes get filled up so fast. Still cursing out my school for never having a big focus on it. Actually to some exent, wondered why I went there for schooling.

Photography – going to try and take a class in the community college in the fall..

Second masters – on break, but on track with applying for Fall 2010

Work – contact supervisor about hours in the fall now.

Second job – need to look for it. Learning and classes don’t come cheap, so trying to become more serious about it.

Japan – hope to go again in the next four year or so.

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