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[SMAP] BISTRO SMAP – Ninkyo Helper’s Guests

I was thinking about it lately, much more than usual. I came to a standstill with Japanese, and yes while I am learning the basics- I do think that I may not be able to take the JLPE this year as I speculated, without some more serious classes.

Listening comprehension is pretty fun. Subs are a gem for shows like SMAPxSMAP, but because they take so much time to do, I got use to watching it without the subs.

bistro smap

On July 27’s SMAP Bistro, there was the guest appearance of Kato Seishiro and Matsudaira Ken, both who are actors on Kusanagi’s summer dorama Ninkyo Helper. As of this post, there are four episodes broadcast, and so far the dorama is moving on a steady pace.

Kato Seishiro is a child start who is right now on the rise. I really like his performances so far, and the show actually mentions that when Kato was 4 years old, he appeared alongside with Nakai as a backup dancer/singer in a segement that looked like Uta no Oniisan.

Matsudaira Ken was with Shingo on stage several years ago with his Samba song, so taking that in mind, as well as the dorama. So with that in mind Shingo did a character spoof, and it was pretty funny.


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