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Pangya, Free Realms, and DOMO in general..

August 4, 2009 4 comments

This summer, one of the things I have continued on from the spring is to play MMO’s….


Pangya is my first MMO, and after the constant issues I see with it, either not getting on the server myself or via Hinano’s game blog. I finally had to start a new name. This is a cap of a recent round I was doing.

I don’t see myself as a successful gamer – even though I purchase the amount of games I do. My motto for Pangya is to hit the comet into a safe area, as close to the hole as possible. At this time, without a lot of practice, I don’t know if I can even use the items or do any special shots, even though it is a matter of timing, and pressing on the keyboard. I kinda think of this being a turtle and hare race. So even if I am not that good, at least there is some point to play the game. I purchased the PSP version of Pangya, so let’s see how that would go eh..?

DOMO… another game I am trying out with 801Megane and Hynavian as friends. So confused with the job selection… just don’t know if I am motivated.It seems really pretty though, and pretty strange.

Then there is Free Realms. That I actually threw $5 to purchase pets. It is the easiest game out of these three,that I find myself having slightly a bit more fun in. However because of timing, haven’t spend on it as much as I want. (Sighs)

Summer is ending soon…sooner than I had imagined.

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