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Pangya, Free Realms, and DOMO in general..

This summer, one of the things I have continued on from the spring is to play MMO’s….


Pangya is my first MMO, and after the constant issues I see with it, either not getting on the server myself or via Hinano’s game blog. I finally had to start a new name. This is a cap of a recent round I was doing.

I don’t see myself as a successful gamer – even though I purchase the amount of games I do. My motto for Pangya is to hit the comet into a safe area, as close to the hole as possible. At this time, without a lot of practice, I don’t know if I can even use the items or do any special shots, even though it is a matter of timing, and pressing on the keyboard. I kinda think of this being a turtle and hare race. So even if I am not that good, at least there is some point to play the game. I purchased the PSP version of Pangya, so let’s see how that would go eh..?

DOMO… another game I am trying out with 801Megane and Hynavian as friends. So confused with the job selection… just don’t know if I am motivated.It seems really pretty though, and pretty strange.

Then there is Free Realms. That I actually threw $5 to purchase pets. It is the easiest game out of these three,that I find myself having slightly a bit more fun in. However because of timing, haven’t spend on it as much as I want. (Sighs)

Summer is ending soon…sooner than I had imagined.

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  1. August 5, 2009 at 11:00 am

    Hmm… Maybe I should proselytize you into Guild Wars 😛 MMOs are fun to me because you can interact with people you wouldn’t have been able to meet otherwise. I see it as a 3D chat platform where people can team up and do fun things. Thus, a success is not defined to me in terms of scores or achievements, but in quality time I spend with my friends.

    Each person has a different preference in online games though. Bartle Test of Gamer Psychology might be fun to take 🙂

  2. miz
    August 5, 2009 at 9:07 pm

    (sighs) I play MMO’s as a way to communicate with existing friends, I got hit on by this guy on Pangya the other day and that was kinda annoying. Unless if Hinano or Hynavian or 801Megana is indisposed, or if I was thinking about something – I usually try to pass up on playing MMO’s. So far Free Realms for me has been the most fun playing solo. Oh I got this in the quiz..


    “No goal unfinished!”

    Description: Best, first and most are the favorite adjectives of the Achiever. They love comparison not only against others, but also with themselves. They enjoy setting goals, surpassing previous performances and hitting new milestones. They tend to have lots of high scores, badges, trophies and other concrete evidence of their successful endeavors–and they love it if someone notices these. However many enjoy the quiet satisfaction of knowing they simply did better than most.
    Secondary influences

    * Achiever Killers like to be the best-of-the-best at everything the game has to offer including PvP. They often mock Killer tactics such as surprise and stealth as “ganking” because they prefer a more controlled arena where fighting skills can be compared in a straight forward manner. Achievers often look to 1v1 duels for proof of their superior play and are frustrated by “rock paper scissor” game mechanics because of this. Their prowess in PVP is generally supported by a large degree of understanding and possession of the best equipment and skills.
    * Achiever Explorers are interested in the PvE aspect of a game more than anything else. The AE thrives as a solo adventurer, counting coup with each new destination and discovery, poking into every corner of a map and toying with each nuance of a game mechanic. AEs prefer not to be hampered by a group and usually find PvP to be more an annoyance than a feature.
    * Achiever Socializers appreciate groups, clans or guilds for than just pure social fun. An AS relishes the camaraderie of cooperation within a top flight team, savoring the renown gained from successfully pitting themselves against the grand-challenges of a virtual world and attaining goals that cannot be reached as an individual.

  3. Donna
    August 14, 2009 at 2:21 pm

    Been havin a great time playin Free Realms all summer long. Just wanted to mention that this afternoon ( Fri. 7/14), there will be a Seaside beach party just south of the warpstone at the cove. Community Ambassadors will be on hand to ask trivia questions, dance in the surf and answer your questions about the game. Find out more about the bash here:

  4. miz
    August 15, 2009 at 7:36 am

    Thanks Donna, unfortunate that I missed it.

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