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Twitter and different reactions noted in a time of natural ocurances..

August 9, 2009 4 comments

I was speaking with moritheil recently about matters of twitter, and how often the service goes so fast, that it can be overwhelming. Lots of people have different opinions and it can be pretty profound one. This is an event on Twitter I read and notes on how different reactions can be.

One thing I do on my twitter @animemiz, is that I follow non-native Japanese people who live in Japan. Their tweets remind of Japan, and this was what I read as I woke up, and realize that there was an earthquake. This is a BBC News article.


big earth quake




Holy shit that was a pretty massive earthquake… I seriously thought I might have to bolt the house.


Woah earthquake! Long one too.


that was scary…. 今の地震怖かった。


LOL, Twitter timeline. Everybody tweeted the earthquake instead of finding cover. This will kill us one day, I’m sure.


earthquake over – mag 4 I’m fine but more importantly – the daughters and figures are safe.




Thanks everyone, we’re fine. Was a 4 on the Japanese ‘shindo’ scale, similar to magnitude 4. My Star Wars figs will have fallen over…


Wow, a ton of rain now. A big typhoon is passing by and dumping lots of rain on Japan.

It is pretty interesting to see what impacts Japan. Definitely glad that this earthquake wasn’t as serious as let’s say Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, but definitely a dejavu worrying moment! Contacted some friends living in Japan via Facebook. Can’t call Rai this early..still.. will email!

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