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Response to Koje Oe’s “Giving recognition where it’s due”

August 15, 2009 2 comments

Okay I normally don’t get that annoyed by blogs entry, and I read/skim a lot of them via Google Reader, but this has to be shooting yourself in the foot, and opening up a can of gunpowder. I reminded myself on what is considered blog etiquette before writing something like this.

The blog entry in question is this.

This is where I find issue with… and I decided to write a blog entry, because I figure my comments would be a little too much text for the response box. Plus blogs have a trick called linked back.. so if I referred on my entry, their blog entry, then yes the original writer will be able to access this entry.

I don’t read anime blogs. I don’t read your blog. I don’t like your blog because you might write 1 entry that month that I might actually read. I hate all the blogs on animenano (maybe that’s the problem) because they’re completely boring, and not relevant to my interests.

One – If you don’t read anime blogs, then you must follow some news so that you get updated with Anime news… if you read one entry that month. Then isn’t that reading an anime blog then?
Two -Are you trying to flame someone, because as a reader of anime blogs myself, I have taken the courtesy of time to look through your blog as well. While my commenting habit might be rusty, don’t use strong words as a way to downplay your blog.
Three – I see that you have J-list’s “Friends of J-List” Affiliate Program, so isn’t that then a characteristic of a Japanese lover, or one that blogs anime topics? Because as I read the information page, people actually can earn commission for showing that ad. So you’re earning money off of something that can be considered a hobby.
Four – Anime Nano, is something that can be sifted through, and while yes, there are blogs that may seem redundant, it actually is not your decision to say otherwise. I have discovered blogs that are getting pretty big names out there in the anime blogosphere, and to hear you belittle that makes me feel annoyed.
Five – It is a matter of preference, and some bloggers may need improvement, while I don’t count myself out of this loop. It is a matter of opinion.. and while this make be a statement you make to introduced Canned Dog’s blog, then pretty callous opinionated words. Not everyone can be like Danny Choo or other famed anime blogs… so don’t kid yourself.
Six-Blogging, and writing is an activity that is worked upon, so remember your audience and who you are actually writing to. Writing styles are actually different, and for the reader to have a preference to read various styles of blogs, then that is for their choice to make.

I can’t really write any more than this, and to actually think about this coherently at 5am is wearing. Last perspective to say, pretty much take a grain of salt with every reading experience, but try to keep an opinions to yourself, and if you don’t like a writing style then yes – don’t read it… But don’t contradict yourself.. sheesh…

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