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Self-promoting.. issues? Slide show with NYAF 2009 Pre-Party images.

September 29, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay as I am pretty much done with my draft for con report. Right now I am getting down to sorting through images, now if these were family images it would be pretty self-explanatory, but as these are all digital photos. There is apparently a protocol one must go through, such as fixing the lighting or adding in your own name to show ownership etc. etc. etc. I don’t even what to think what Eric must be going through. He would be calling my camera entry level, but it is still something that I must navigate with.

I threw up pictures from last Thursday’s Pre Party up on Flickr, and just to emphasize the point, might as well throw it on a slide show as well. From that post, I took down those images.

Getting through the pictures have not been easy, and I pretty much in awe of my photographer friends. I don’t think of myself as a pro, but I really love to look through photographs sometimes. For me to take pictures, that is something I need to master eventually.

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Post NYAF.. labeling and typing..

September 28, 2009 2 comments

Well it is the day after NYAF 2009, and yes it was a productive con. I liked the panels I was able to attend. Got spooked out by the crowds on Saturday. Was able to network some more. Got more experience as press. Missed seeing a lot of people. Bumped into a lot of unexpected people.

Working on JLHLS con report, researching, and typing I took, trying to determine what kind of label I want to use. I took off some pictures from a previous entry for that reason. Should I tie my real name to this blog and so forth? So much to mull over on aspects of what to do and what not to do.

I don’t believe I am sick, but man the sleeping this weekend was pretty strange. >_<

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NYAF – Recap of Day 1-2 – slightly epic feelings..also bittersweet as well..

September 27, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay well it is the middle of the night from Day 2 to Day 3 of NYAF, no pictures, and yes I realize that this can impact the way my blog is taken, but all the photos are still RAW, so to say, so cannot fix them without needing to Press pic the best first, and then leave some for this blog. Also if I fix pictures at this moment, will probably try do so in better lighting..etc. I give the greatest kudos to professional photographers.. fixing digital pictures is sure not easy… to the point where I couldn’t even sort through MELL concert pictures, without enlisting the help of a personal photographer friend.

So yes, probably no sleep if I am on like this. Right now twittering/iming like mad…

But yes, after my previous entry on the Pre-party, this is Day 1 of NYLA- two days ago. I got to the Center at around 10-ish. Anticipation was in the air. I was waiting, since I didn’t really plan for much to do, go to panels, and do press duties. Unfortunately some slight problems, forgot Tomino item, so after a nail biting day of waiting for the item from my mom. I was also waiting for a friend who gave me his VIP ticket for the Tomino signing.

I am leaving the details of the panels I attended to my press report, so this is on my personal feelings before I lose that drive to write about this.

The con opened at 1pm, so went to the dealer’s room first, then off to panels. Attended how to become famous on the internet.. then went back out to dealer’s room, picked up the Tomino item from my mom. Then off to Vertical Panel. I never was able to go to one, so I caught this one. My mind turn slightly gooey when I realized that they have Chi’s Sweet Home, the manga.

Then back out to go meet up with a friend. After grabbing dinners, never buy Center food again, they rip money from your wallets.. $9 for a panini. So after wards, went back to my friend, and waited, when the time for the autograph came, also asked staff if my photographer friend could go in with him to take a picture, and man that was epic, I wasn’t VIP, so my friend went in. Honestly this autograph and photo is for a friend of mine in Japan, so she’s pretty happy when I called her on Skype later. So evidence is good and sweet. Couldn’t sleep til 4:30am.

Day 1 complete. Now Day 2.

Crowds and more crowds.. plus my sleep schedule is like now. No sleep…

Day 2. Makino’s concert. I spent the night looking through my collection of books, and pencil boards, so many choices. I also purchased a cd that was her latest single. Got two tickets for Makino’s signing, the day before. So that morning I sold the cd to another friend. Listened to concert, ran back out for another cd single… I believe my photographer friend called it desperation. So when the line was mentioned that she can only sign official cd’s, I was disappointed. I wanted my pencil board signed, since it is a policy of mine. Because of a necessity of going over to SBR panel, quickly signed the cd I purchase and then ran to the panel. Because I purchase a new CD single, there was the second autograph session of the day. Following the panel, I went back to Makino autograph, and got my pencil board signed. Shocked and happy. She drew a cute bear on my pencil board. Yes I am a sucker for seiyuu’s. Yes to the fact that I learned that she drew the same bear figure for any Sakura relevant products. Yes to epic feelings.

Then a downtime, of course by now I was already starting to feel exhausted. The crowds definitely unnerved me, even though I took some pictures. The camera unnerved me slightly as well. I was really tired, so I went to the Press office for cover. I probably shouldn’t over do it, but I did/do.. and yes there are moments I stick a foot in my mouth. Day 2 is one of the worst days, so today I saw so many people I knew, and missed out on seeing 3-4 people. So real bittersweet feelings for that one.

Then toward the evening went over to Hinano’s panel. It was good. Got some help with Pangya PSP, and experience multi-player option. Following this panel, I made my way over to the Blogging RT for a little bit, wanted to stay a little longer, but hunger drove me out… After dinner, made my trek back home, and so now at 5am, wonder if I can squeeze in an hour or so sleep, to go to Day 3 of NYAF, and then off to a personal friend’s event.

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New York Anime Festival 2009 – Pre party – Cake pics..

September 26, 2009 3 comments

At this part of the city, within the Jacob Javis this weekend, New York Anime Festival 2009 is happening. Now backtrack to the evening before that, there was Del Rey co-sponsored event with NYAF for a Pre-convention party at Dave & Busters. It was Del Rey’s 5th year Anniversary, and yes, there was a cake sponsored by Ace of Cakes from Food Network. What was funny also was that right across the street, Cold Stone Creamery was having an event as well, where there was free ice-cream for a donation. However, because the lines were massive for that one, I did not try to go for that ice cream event, but saw a Female Wrestler Maria at that event. Have pictures, but because in the heat of NYAF at the moment, will have to fix them when I am done with the con. >_<

Back to the Pre-party, waaay too many people, just people snapping pictures of other people actually. Got pictures of the cake before the cutting, from two perspectives, and then the Katana as it left the building. Also got other interesting pictures like the drink menu, and some samples.. courtesy of Twitter’s @reika and friends.

If you didn’t know it already, the cake was cut with a katana. This was acknowledge via Twitter..

Rumor is we’re cutting the #NYAF Pre-Party Cake with a katana. See if it’s true on 9/24!


We have the sword! We’ll be cutting the Ace of Cakes cake with a katana from Dragon Song! See their booth at #NYAF!

Bumped into Omo and Moritheil….and several more people.. and that was an interesting evening.

I had a tiny taste of the cake and thought it was too sweet…. Moritheil, I recall had some observations of how the waiters got mobbed and then some.. cake ran out as well. Would he recap this experience, who knows.. but that is experience of yours truly..

Couldn’t get a picture of when the cake was exactly cut, but perhaps there will be other sites that actually have pictures up? Also because of my photography skills, the pictures might be or be not good, but the lighting was also not an ideal situation.

Probably will end up throwing pictures up on Flickr when I have time to fix then.. so stay tune or not.. ^_^

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NYC Japanese Street fair – a month late, but who’s counting?

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay this has been on my mind since the summer, when I did attend this event. I got really hung up about other things, so instead of working on reviews, and my photography class – decided to procrastinate, and here is my idea of procrastination. Plus I worked a bit on updating some titles and tags on my Flickr page, so did that.

For the closing of the summer, there was the Japanese Street fair, which was relatively similar or maybe more commercial than the Mitsuwa Summer Matsuri, that I attended relatively two weeks before this event.

I was there really early, but then left as the place got so crowded, that it was pretty claustrophobic, plus there was the summer heat, and believe me.. you don’t want to be around that. Hinano actually wrote about her opinion on the street fair more on schedule/time-wise, than my late entry.

The first Japanese Street fair was a slight disappointment to me, in some ways – because there weren’t as much space as I would have liked it to be. The Japanese portion of the fair was only one block from 42nd to 43rd, and it was so packed. There was a ticket aspect to paying for food, so that I guess it was food controlling. New York Anime Festival was also there, to pump up the air for tickets, and that it is going to be the next weekend. So there was the maids, and there was the cosplayers.

I saw some people that I hung out more with this summer, and met some people there as well. Got some free samples, spent a short bit of time with Kero, and then spent the rest of the day going off with another friend to go to Duets 48, where I was went to karaoke. Tried to sing, got really nervous, was the day that I got to sing Avenue Q songs, fan girl-ed over a City Hunter song, and then had fun singing Hikki songs with another friend who came in the middle of the karaoke. Because of my learning hirigana over the summer, was happy to be able to read the lyrics of some songs.

Now I need to go and write up my review on the Brooklyn Book Festival, and thus prepare for New York Anime Festival. These days a bit more slower on writing. But for slide show purposes, here are some pictures I took.

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Visual Show – Zipperhead at Monkeytown

September 17, 2009 2 comments

Before I get any further into stating my experiences, Zipperhead is a visual arts collaboration between the band Sineparade and the artist Alex Itn, of whom I had went to an exhibit earlier this year.

On September 10, just the evening before September 11, Zipperhead had a preview show, and I assumed that the show was going to be held at 17 Frost. So upon getting there, the place was deserted. Outside, people told me that the show was going to be playing at Monkeytown. Since Williamsburg as I mentioned before, was not an area I was familiar with, it was an adventure to find this bar/restaurant. I asked around five people for clarification of where I was, and got the trend of how fabulous this bar was, but no one remembered the exact location of the place. It was definitely something to remember before the show began, of course.

So in the backroom of Monekytown, there were four projection screens, and in the center of the room was the band. Zipperhead is a visual arts show that ran for an hour, and is a story, that was narrated by Alex Itn, with the music accompaniment of Sineparade band members.

The show was pretty original. This is my first time seeing the portrayal of 9-11 in a creative manner. The story technically begins on the morning of Sept 11, but other than the obvious consequences of it. It is the spark for the spiraling into a tormented ending for an ordinary man.

In my real life, Sept 11, is a pretty dark day for me- I recall that afterward I became more aware with looking at news, a childhood church acquaintance lost his wife, then aftermath, and how people exploited it afterward certainly didn’t leave a good impression for me. 9-11 certainly leaves its mark.

With that paragraph out of the way, I went to this event with an open mind, determined to enjoy what is concisely a good show.

I took some pictures of the show, and surroundings. Because I went to the show, with the mindset of a friend/press photographer. I gave these shots to Javier, in hopes that he liked it, and apparently he did.

Javier has some thoughts of this show up on his blog, so if you’re interested in this show, be sure to check out here or 17 Frost for possible future dates of this show.

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Dreaming/Thinking of Edamame….

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment


On my personal snack list, I have recently added edamame, otherwise it would be known as soybeans. My mom gets them really cheaply at the Chinese groceries, so let’s just say I have been eating them more often. Some people may not like them, but others will probably do. Hmm.. I should probably take a picture of my lunch box tomorrow. Got a lot of green food products tucked in..

For the last few months or so, I started to notice a mascot of edamame beans.. and as a friend remarked, she saw it advertised everywhere, now what would you say if you saw this series of commercials? Cute or would you lose your appetite? My favorite’s got to be the detective one..

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Popularity of MJ lives on – with a Moonwalking Contest

September 12, 2009 2 comments

One of Michael Jackson’s legacy I have to commend on, is his Moonwalk Dance Style. While the prince of Pop was still alive, I profess to have never really liked him. But I have on times enjoyed his music, and to see it now being used like this… takes the cake.

Japan Probe does an article on a Moonwalking contest, with contestants moon walking 30 foot backwards, who is the fastest and such.

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