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Lost & Sold Sale for items lost on JR Trains.. how lucky!

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Okay this is another story I found pretty interesting. People can lose things on trains right? Well JR Railways actually has rules that regulate how much time, can items be claimed before they are sold in a public auction, at very cheap rockbottom prices. Laptops, ipods, applicants, DS….some new, and very cheap. (sighs)  Wonder if the U.S. would do things like that? The only lost & found of this kinda scale is either the Grand Central Railroad one or the NYC MTA.  Because if no one ever claims them, then what happens? It would be a waste of space to keep it. Hmm..

Here is the Japanese Youtube newsclip.

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Sato Ryuta anticipates Hollywood opportunity.

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One of the news that I have been interested by is pretty gossipy, but pretty silly. It appears as though Sato Ryuta of dramas such as Rookies, Bambino, Konkatsu!, Kisarazu Cat’s Eye, and Kimi wa Petto was trying his bid to get into a Hollywood film. Recently there was a premiere of the recent X-Men film with Hugh Jackman in attendance. Sato was dressed up pretty nicely, tried to put a bid to be in the next X-Men film. I picked up this news from Japan Zone. So included with this entry is also a picture courtesy of the blog itself. Wonder if his tactics worked? It would be interesting.


On a side note, I use to like X-Men, back when the very first movie came out. Hence my interest.

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