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Popularity of MJ lives on – with a Moonwalking Contest

September 12, 2009 2 comments

One of Michael Jackson’s legacy I have to commend on, is his Moonwalk Dance Style. While the prince of Pop was still alive, I profess to have never really liked him. But I have on times enjoyed his music, and to see it now being used like this… takes the cake.

Japan Probe does an article on a Moonwalking contest, with contestants moon walking 30 foot backwards, who is the fastest and such.

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Neko Ramen Taisho – cat with a dream to surpass his dad.. .

September 12, 2009 2 comments

graduation copy

All right, the main character of this movie is a puppet, but in a story that reminds me of the father and son interaction in Oshinbo which makes this movie whimsical, cute, and “a shake your head in disbelief” film type. The movie is overly cute, and very Japanese which can make or break it for viewers. While the plot was pure nonsense, the message was something that is what I saw a lot in many works/films, that no matter how superior a person may seem, there is a success somewhere with hard work and passion.

There are also cameos from Tama the Sationa Master Cat in and Karin/Kurin who apparently are famous cats in Japan for cat lovers. The live action actors are actually people who I don’t know much about, but the Taisho’s interest love interest is pretty cute. Oh and here’s another review for the movie.

Here’s a trailer from Youtube.

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