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Visual Show – Zipperhead at Monkeytown

September 17, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Before I get any further into stating my experiences, Zipperhead is a visual arts collaboration between the band Sineparade and the artist Alex Itn, of whom I had went to an exhibit earlier this year.

On September 10, just the evening before September 11, Zipperhead had a preview show, and I assumed that the show was going to be held at 17 Frost. So upon getting there, the place was deserted. Outside, people told me that the show was going to be playing at Monkeytown. Since Williamsburg as I mentioned before, was not an area I was familiar with, it was an adventure to find this bar/restaurant. I asked around five people for clarification of where I was, and got the trend of how fabulous this bar was, but no one remembered the exact location of the place. It was definitely something to remember before the show began, of course.

So in the backroom of Monekytown, there were four projection screens, and in the center of the room was the band. Zipperhead is a visual arts show that ran for an hour, and is a story, that was narrated by Alex Itn, with the music accompaniment of Sineparade band members.

The show was pretty original. This is my first time seeing the portrayal of 9-11 in a creative manner. The story technically begins on the morning of Sept 11, but other than the obvious consequences of it. It is the spark for the spiraling into a tormented ending for an ordinary man.

In my real life, Sept 11, is a pretty dark day for me- I recall that afterward I became more aware with looking at news, a childhood church acquaintance lost his wife, then aftermath, and how people exploited it afterward certainly didn’t leave a good impression for me. 9-11 certainly leaves its mark.

With that paragraph out of the way, I went to this event with an open mind, determined to enjoy what is concisely a good show.

I took some pictures of the show, and surroundings. Because I went to the show, with the mindset of a friend/press photographer. I gave these shots to Javier, in hopes that he liked it, and apparently he did.

Javier has some thoughts of this show up on his blog, so if you’re interested in this show, be sure to check out here or 17 Frost for possible future dates of this show.

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  1. September 22, 2009 at 7:39 pm

    Linda: thanks for your interest in Zipperhead. i want to add that the music was written and performed by Sineparade.
    the show will be performed in january and february at 17 frost street.

  1. January 30, 2011 at 9:25 am

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