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NYC Japanese Street fair – a month late, but who’s counting?

September 22, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Okay this has been on my mind since the summer, when I did attend this event. I got really hung up about other things, so instead of working on reviews, and my photography class – decided to procrastinate, and here is my idea of procrastination. Plus I worked a bit on updating some titles and tags on my Flickr page, so did that.

For the closing of the summer, there was the Japanese Street fair, which was relatively similar or maybe more commercial than the Mitsuwa Summer Matsuri, that I attended relatively two weeks before this event.

I was there really early, but then left as the place got so crowded, that it was pretty claustrophobic, plus there was the summer heat, and believe me.. you don’t want to be around that. Hinano actually wrote about her opinion on the street fair more on schedule/time-wise, than my late entry.

The first Japanese Street fair was a slight disappointment to me, in some ways – because there weren’t as much space as I would have liked it to be. The Japanese portion of the fair was only one block from 42nd to 43rd, and it was so packed. There was a ticket aspect to paying for food, so that I guess it was food controlling. New York Anime Festival was also there, to pump up the air for tickets, and that it is going to be the next weekend. So there was the maids, and there was the cosplayers.

I saw some people that I hung out more with this summer, and met some people there as well. Got some free samples, spent a short bit of time with Kero, and then spent the rest of the day going off with another friend to go to Duets 48, where I was went to karaoke. Tried to sing, got really nervous, was the day that I got to sing Avenue Q songs, fan girl-ed over a City Hunter song, and then had fun singing Hikki songs with another friend who came in the middle of the karaoke. Because of my learning hirigana over the summer, was happy to be able to read the lyrics of some songs.

Now I need to go and write up my review on the Brooklyn Book Festival, and thus prepare for New York Anime Festival. These days a bit more slower on writing. But for slide show purposes, here are some pictures I took.

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