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New York Anime Festival 2009 – Pre party – Cake pics..

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At this part of the city, within the Jacob Javis this weekend, New York Anime Festival 2009 is happening. Now backtrack to the evening before that, there was Del Rey co-sponsored event with NYAF for a Pre-convention party at Dave & Busters. It was Del Rey’s 5th year Anniversary, and yes, there was a cake sponsored by Ace of Cakes from Food Network. What was funny also was that right across the street, Cold Stone Creamery was having an event as well, where there was free ice-cream for a donation. However, because the lines were massive for that one, I did not try to go for that ice cream event, but saw a Female Wrestler Maria at that event. Have pictures, but because in the heat of NYAF at the moment, will have to fix them when I am done with the con. >_<

Back to the Pre-party, waaay too many people, just people snapping pictures of other people actually. Got pictures of the cake before the cutting, from two perspectives, and then the Katana as it left the building. Also got other interesting pictures like the drink menu, and some samples.. courtesy of Twitter’s @reika and friends.

If you didn’t know it already, the cake was cut with a katana. This was acknowledge via Twitter..

Rumor is we’re cutting the #NYAF Pre-Party Cake with a katana. See if it’s true on 9/24!


We have the sword! We’ll be cutting the Ace of Cakes cake with a katana from Dragon Song! See their booth at #NYAF!

Bumped into Omo and Moritheil….and several more people.. and that was an interesting evening.

I had a tiny taste of the cake and thought it was too sweet…. Moritheil, I recall had some observations of how the waiters got mobbed and then some.. cake ran out as well. Would he recap this experience, who knows.. but that is experience of yours truly..

Couldn’t get a picture of when the cake was exactly cut, but perhaps there will be other sites that actually have pictures up? Also because of my photography skills, the pictures might be or be not good, but the lighting was also not an ideal situation.

Probably will end up throwing pictures up on Flickr when I have time to fix then.. so stay tune or not.. ^_^

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