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NYAF – Recap of Day 1-2 – slightly epic feelings..also bittersweet as well..

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Okay well it is the middle of the night from Day 2 to Day 3 of NYAF, no pictures, and yes I realize that this can impact the way my blog is taken, but all the photos are still RAW, so to say, so cannot fix them without needing to Press pic the best first, and then leave some for this blog. Also if I fix pictures at this moment, will probably try do so in better lighting..etc. I give the greatest kudos to professional photographers.. fixing digital pictures is sure not easy… to the point where I couldn’t even sort through MELL concert pictures, without enlisting the help of a personal photographer friend.

So yes, probably no sleep if I am on like this. Right now twittering/iming like mad…

But yes, after my previous entry on the Pre-party, this is Day 1 of NYLA- two days ago. I got to the Center at around 10-ish. Anticipation was in the air. I was waiting, since I didn’t really plan for much to do, go to panels, and do press duties. Unfortunately some slight problems, forgot Tomino item, so after a nail biting day of waiting for the item from my mom. I was also waiting for a friend who gave me his VIP ticket for the Tomino signing.

I am leaving the details of the panels I attended to my press report, so this is on my personal feelings before I lose that drive to write about this.

The con opened at 1pm, so went to the dealer’s room first, then off to panels. Attended how to become famous on the internet.. then went back out to dealer’s room, picked up the Tomino item from my mom. Then off to Vertical Panel. I never was able to go to one, so I caught this one. My mind turn slightly gooey when I realized that they have Chi’s Sweet Home, the manga.

Then back out to go meet up with a friend. After grabbing dinners, never buy Center food again, they rip money from your wallets.. $9 for a panini. So after wards, went back to my friend, and waited, when the time for the autograph came, also asked staff if my photographer friend could go in with him to take a picture, and man that was epic, I wasn’t VIP, so my friend went in. Honestly this autograph and photo is for a friend of mine in Japan, so she’s pretty happy when I called her on Skype later. So evidence is good and sweet. Couldn’t sleep til 4:30am.

Day 1 complete. Now Day 2.

Crowds and more crowds.. plus my sleep schedule is like now. No sleep…

Day 2. Makino’s concert. I spent the night looking through my collection of books, and pencil boards, so many choices. I also purchased a cd that was her latest single. Got two tickets for Makino’s signing, the day before. So that morning I sold the cd to another friend. Listened to concert, ran back out for another cd single… I believe my photographer friend called it desperation. So when the line was mentioned that she can only sign official cd’s, I was disappointed. I wanted my pencil board signed, since it is a policy of mine. Because of a necessity of going over to SBR panel, quickly signed the cd I purchase and then ran to the panel. Because I purchase a new CD single, there was the second autograph session of the day. Following the panel, I went back to Makino autograph, and got my pencil board signed. Shocked and happy. She drew a cute bear on my pencil board. Yes I am a sucker for seiyuu’s. Yes to the fact that I learned that she drew the same bear figure for any Sakura relevant products. Yes to epic feelings.

Then a downtime, of course by now I was already starting to feel exhausted. The crowds definitely unnerved me, even though I took some pictures. The camera unnerved me slightly as well. I was really tired, so I went to the Press office for cover. I probably shouldn’t over do it, but I did/do.. and yes there are moments I stick a foot in my mouth. Day 2 is one of the worst days, so today I saw so many people I knew, and missed out on seeing 3-4 people. So real bittersweet feelings for that one.

Then toward the evening went over to Hinano’s panel. It was good. Got some help with Pangya PSP, and experience multi-player option. Following this panel, I made my way over to the Blogging RT for a little bit, wanted to stay a little longer, but hunger drove me out… After dinner, made my trek back home, and so now at 5am, wonder if I can squeeze in an hour or so sleep, to go to Day 3 of NYAF, and then off to a personal friend’s event.

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