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[SMAP] Transformer BumbleBee Skit..

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

If I can provide a video I will.. will enjoy the screen caps I prep, Kimura Takuya’s facial expression here is funny.. hahahaha..

transformer smap1

transformer smap2transformer smap4

transformer smap3

The premises as what I get from the skit, is that there are meteorites flying to earth, and Kimu Taku who plays a teenager in this skit, goes outside to see a yellow car transform itself into this man. He is obviously parodying Transformer, and this guy turns out to be pretty vain, pops a Champagne bottle, and leaves Earth to fall.

Okay, I have never watched the Transformer movie before, but based on that excellent cosplayer at NYAF 2009.. I wonder. Also saw a photo that was provided by my cousin about a Bumble Bee look alike in Pittsburgh. Ahh this was good..

Also saw a new CM via Japanator that Kimura did.. man he is still milking his popularity after sooo many years.. ^_^

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[SMAP] GATSBY CM vs SMATSBY spoof -9-28-09

October 30, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay recently if you haven’t heard of Kimura Takuya’s recent commercial with Gatsby Facial Cleanser, be reminded by this Youtube clip.

Then check out a recent parody titled SMATSBY on SMAPxSMAP, in it Hiraizumi Sei, who Kimura does a really accurate imitation of, does a funny skit..

Am slightly behind on my impressions of SMAPxSMAP.

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Photography, Speedlight and Lightsphere Collapsible

October 29, 2009 8 comments


Gah as if real life doesn’t rear its head way too much in my life. I go to various events/conventions by myself, unless they are events that people would want to go to. I realized that when I became press, that there was a responsibility, that to have some control over the story/articles you produce – better beef up your photographic techniques, instead of relying on someone’s images or direction. MELL’s concert at this past Otakon, proved that to me in more ways than one.

Also at various convention panels, if you don’t have a good flash, you’re pretty much screwed because of the pretty dim white lighting. Images are always blurry and never really focused and sharp, because there is not enough light. So lighting and sharpness have been high on my priority. I am not a professional, but am a pretty intending amateur/hobbyist, who is learning.

I get pretty @_@ when I stare at Dancing Queen or various other blogs I have that showcases figures photography. I want to devote more time to taking good pictures of my anime collection. I still need to get backdrops/muslin fabric. Cosplay photography is another barrel of worms, that I want to get into, but way too many things to do.

I own a Nikon D-40, which is a entry level DSLR unit.

Last weekend I was able to attend the Photo Plus Expo, and had met up with friends/acquaintances. Prior to the Expo, I was thinking about what other accessories to get with my camera, and so a photographer friend had suggested getting a diffuser, which is an upgraded camera flash piece. It makes an image softer from the photographic flash glare. I had after my trip to Japan had acquired a Nikon Speedlight SB-600 unit, and from there had researched a little on diffusers.

Several of my friends had mentioned Gary Fong as being the company they would go for in terms of diffusers, so I was at the show and was thinking about a standard diffuser, when we found the Lightsphere Collapsible. (There’s also another video with this link, and if you don’t like the size of the video, there is a bigger video on Youtube.)

I am unsure if my friend actually had known about it, but it is recommended to get for its portability. So yes I got it, and yes this put me more in the path of trying to improve my photographs. I had some trouble getting the unit on the thing, but now after a few tries and with the video tutorial, I am pretty much inspired to go take some shots. Have to go visit some galleries for a paper to write for class. Still contemplating on if I should put of pictures of my work following grading or not.

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Japanese Fast Food Breakfast Wars..

October 26, 2009 2 comments

(sighs) I do miss Japan, and so one of my favorite blogs to follow on my Google Reader is Japan Probe. Imagine my surprise when I saw this report on how Mos Burger, McDonald and Lotteria were trying to get the customers with serving breakfast, and with the way that workers said that they ate breakfast at work, or none at all. I do have some memories of Rai eating breakfast in the morning, and rushing to catch the morning commute for her job.

I ate breakfast at both Lotteria, and McDonald, will try to check out Mos Burger next time. But when I heard the price drop of 380 yen, I was thinking wow that was cheap. The hot dog for the breakfast meat they serve in McDonald is certainly not as people would imagine. It was good though.

Here is a video that they had.

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Kuroki Meisa and COCA-SHOCK!

October 25, 2009 Leave a comment

Yep just to remark about it, it is Coca-shock which is a Kirin product, and is 5% alcohol and Kuroki Meisa.. now just wondering if any other alcoholic beverages other than Rum and Coke would have alcohol in it? Of course alcoholic beverages should be consumed by adults.

Kuroki Meisa’s been on an rising path, ever since I saw her in several doramas, and with Ninkyo Helper this summer as with her new role in Kimura Takuya’s next movie Star Battleship Yamato.. hmm.. just really sophisticated. Oh and to top it all off, here is a slew of videos relevant to this topic.

Press conference of her presenting the drink.

CM of the drink itself.

PV of the song SHOCK.

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Kimi ni Todoke Impressions

October 20, 2009 8 comments


Ahh.. well this was on a mental list of mine to check out for Fall 2009, and so far of the anime I have seen and it hasn’t disappointed me for the bit, unlike some other anime titles. I am looking forward to reading Viz’s release of this manga.

So far have seen the first two episodes, and while the artwork is slightly softer or perhaps more linear than what I am expecting. I really like the backdrops of Japanese rural towns. I do have some fears, better throw that out before I get upset that my worries did come true.

Hoping that this anime won’t be repeating its themes all the time. So far audience knows that Sawako is really scary to look at, but if she continues to have that kicked/accepting complex, it would be pretty repetitive, and turn off. She better develop a backbone, and accept the friendship before tearing or getting shy all over the place. However, this may be the metamorphism of her character from a shy caterpillar to a butterfly, so I will be watching this series with a keen eye.


The love love implications between Sawako and Kazehaya are really cute though, first love. Somehow in my mind I am brought back to the same feelings, I experienced when I watched Kare Kano back in High School. They’re similar, and not similar titles.


Hearing Sawako’s seiyuu as Mamiko Noto makes me pretty happy. I liked her in Jigoku Shoujo, but so far haven’t been able to persist with much of her series. So hearing her as Sawako is pretty sweet.

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Throwing me into a book store.. never a good idea.. >_<

October 19, 2009 2 comments

Okay so the weekend is drawing to a close, and I broke a slight budget saving goal today. Mostly as an Otaku would cheer, mostly as a learner, should also cheer as well.. but as for the more frugal sort of thinking what was I thinking, horror mentality.. then as a bad conscience aspect from my mother’s voice I was thinking lame, and how can I see you (money) go flying out the window?

I made some purchases today. Black Lagoon Vol 8, and Black Lagoon Box Set, I should have probably have gotten the Black Lagoon DVD set from, as I see @scottfrye mention consistently. It would have saved me more. >_<, but what a weak resolve. Saw it at Kino, and went gooey. Gooey, as in I want you and you’re mine, where money went flying out my mind – and I held onto the goods like I didn’t want to let go. I spoke with John, Kino’s manager some more, and so Kino is my biggest bookstore shopper dropper today. Issue was that I went to two other bookstores today, Bookoff and Borders, and I ended up with purchase there as well. I contemplate on being the same way this enthusiastic for shopping for clothes.. >_<

Contemplating at the moment if I should do a review on Black Lagoon’s DVD set? Didn’t Gennon go out of business?

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Mai Waifu image shots.. a follow up….

October 18, 2009 Leave a comment

aoi hana

Well because it appears that I was lazy enough, and forgot to include pictures of mai waifu.. here is a follow up to my Yoroshiku delayed list..

You can call it yuri tendencies or not. LOL. (FYI, if you’re coming in from this blog, go back to Yoroshiku to see the text.. hahahaha)… but Pictures are under the cut.. Read more…

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