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Pay to pay vs. Free to play mmo’s a short thought..

October 4, 2009 5 comments

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Well this gaming concept that I realized was out there, was basically confirmed by JP and Hinano during their NYAF panel. I did take some notes for my con report, so I summed it up there.

After the con, as I spoke with my friend Maewen and she said in a pretty much dead pan voice that “Free to Play” games MMO’s SUCKED.. of course I started to lol.. I recall in the past how she said she hated all the money she dumped into Aeria games and for nothing, so yes – I see my friend going somewhere with her gaming.

Soooo… Yes… on the computer, I am pretty much a causal gamer.. and yet I can’t help, but feel pretty tempted by the goods you can get if you can play them. I got swayed to throw money so far on, and Pet society.. and I like… need to play.. >_< Must get cute things.. I actually think that Pet Society would be something my friend would like to play, but she hasn’t got started on that yet actually.

This is a random entry, have a lot of semi-drafted entries out, so what would you think? Still waiting on a post entry to be placed onto Yoroshiku, Kairu did mention something like a natural disaster hitting where he is. >_<

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