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NYCC One Year Party Recap…

Yesterday night, NYCC was hosting a one year party for next year’s NYCC at Bowlmar Lanes down near Union Square. I RSVP, and it was an venue to be at if you wanted to hear the official announcement for the first guests of honor next year. There was some free bowling, and an open bar.

There was a huge crowd there, and on the screens were screen caps of this year’s show. There was also a raffle. Everyone was with friends, so it seemed odd to be a lone person there, still the night was young.

So I mingled and moved around. Got white wine spilled on me.. and that was that. Had soda to drink for the rest of the night.

Yes the guest of honors, unless you haven’t check out the NYCC blog or the Twitters, that I saw NYCC twitter did, as well as I did myself. John Romita SR and JR of Spiderman notoriety.

I ended not getting home until near midnight.

NYCC is an event I find interesting because there are paranormal publishers there, that have books other than comic. I went to this event with the intention of doing some publicity work for JLHLS. Did some advertising.

Makes an self-affirmation as to why I prefer to be a press, than just a fan. If I was a fan, there doesn’t seem to be any point, other than gush on it, but at least if I was press – then there’s a reason for why I do somethings.

Comics unfortunately I don’t read much of – basics on the fact of the art and the length of the series. Archie is the only comic I was a slight fan of.

Still I got to meet hang out with some friends, meet an awesome librarian trainingto be, and bunped into a random friend on the streets of Union Square.

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