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Slight Review on Anime Diet’s NYAF Anime Blogger RT.. some thoughts.

October 10, 2009 4 comments


Okay, this is one of last anticipated aspects of NYAF that I was waiting for. Flashback to Saturday of NYAF, in the midst of the masquerade, there was the Anime Blogger Round Table, that Moritheil of Anime Diet got video footage of. I was waiting for this since I wrote my con report, and I am sure lots of other people were waiting to see this panel. I don’t know how much words is the limit for comments, so I decided to write a blog posting here.

The panel had a multiple group of a lot of bloggers I have heard in passing, via Twitter or Press, so this shows more people than what I realize in front of my computer actually would be vying for a voice to be heard. A lot of them are successful as well.  Also it shows what type of specific niche there can be.. so you click or not.

Anime blogging meetups and gatherings are always so hard to do. Venue, time, schedule and place – so this panel was somewhat of a interesting promo-yourself and learn from others type of panel. Ego or not, different perspective and as they call it in my occupational field, the movers and shakers..are you actually known or respected by other people is another thought? Are you influential or not?

Still this is an observation to the NYAF panel. I will be recapping some questions.. and would definitely put in some random thoughts..

Why and how did you get into blogging? How many people get paid or even a press panel?

Typical introduce yourself, and with the amount of people on the panel, got to sum up your background/work in a few sentence or not. If you get paid, then that is a cushy job. Being press…  at least there is some financial relief for attending the con, when there is something to be writing or covering about in the end.

Are you a new school or old school fan?

Well that is a no brainer.  You have to be a an anime fan to be a panelist. But this shows that there are several schools of thought. Still the genre for old and new school is pretty broad. You should call this a part – if you got exposed to anime early or not, and are titles available to you or not? What is the basics of your passion? (People mentioned my tastes are old school.. but even then finding an anime blogger that is similar to the titles you see is even more needle in the haystack…)

Favorite merchandise/memorabilia

As I recall reading what a “meaning” of what Otaku is – a fan who has collections of anime good, this is a superficial question for  a comparison contest to see who has the best collection and what not..totally subjective.

Impressions of NYAF/NYCC merger for next year.. opinions.

Subjective.. people will see how it would be run for next year. But if my feelings are anything profound it would be in the line of what Vamp Vo mentioned with what he mentioned of how swamped press would be. Even thought there was basically no sleep for cons that I have attended. I was able to cover more industry news vs book buzz news… that my press covers on as well as a personal interest.  Also agree with Deb in what she mentioned of being recommended for more types of work that is out there.

Does it ever feel like you’re writing into a void/echo chamber?

Comment/dialogue being hoped for or what not.. and then this pretty much wrapped for the panel.

Panelist criteria as I heard of this panel was pretty loose, so who know what will be the next anime blogger panel I attend be like? I guess it would be as what Deb would say from what I recall of her twitter… the best thing is to have a panel/mixer.. where the panel wouldn’t be just 12 people waxing of their opinions/experiences.. rather open up the forum to mingle/network with other anime bloggers. Because in spite of this panel being interesting, like a lot of large panels, there were some panelist that over spoke others..

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