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Justifying my Blogroll..

Well I try to be an anime blogger. Sometimes I succeed in covering topics on what I want to write about in terms of anime, real life, and topics of interest, but other times I spread my writing out..among other blogs, Yoroshiku and JLHLS. However, this is my main public blog.

There are blog links, that I link up to them, and then there is never that much exchange of links. So I guess I’ll use this post to assess my reasons for following them. I use Google Reader pretty heavily, so it leaves little time for me to write, when information overload occurs.

For many reasons, originally I was including links as a reminder for myself to go and comment, as it was to follow my mental resolution to comment more, but I forgot about Twitter.. and so you can see how that resolution turned out. Also another note, I keep links of people who I know in real life.. so as to show my mental support.. Another reason this was part of my original small list of Goggle Reader blogs that I liked to keep up with.

Akiramike -I happen to like to watch Japanese doramas, so he provides reviews on doramas I may watch.

Anime Blogger Antenna– This is kinda like Anime Nano Other than an attempt to actually be included in the list, and that doesn’t seem to work.. so I will delete this link..

Anime Diet– Moritheil works here, and they do provide some interesting entries.

Anime Nano– This place links to my blog, and I occasionally go there to search for interesting anime blogs entries to read.

Aniverse – Twitter acquaintance’s blog… filled with scantily clad pictures of girls.. not really for females to look at, but meh… all right.

aya – One of my HS friends… her dorama review blog.

Azure Flame – Also forgot why I liked up here. Twitter acquaintance?

Daijoubu – Dangos! That and I do know this blogger in real life… haha…

Eric M. Chu – College friend who is a great photographer…

Eternal – Backlinking to that defunct Female Ani-bloggers link.. where I have met Gia of AnimeVice, Hinano in real life.

FuyuMaiden – Might be the same reason as Eternal, but Fuyu Maiden has got the most coverage of Shoujo anime.. >_<

Gar Gar – Same reason as Eternal or FuyuMaiden.. I mostly keep my links from back that time, because they’re the same gender in this obviously male dominated group, as well as they do continue to blog. In spite of the disorganization of that group, I had some good feelings for the female bloggers within it. So will try to support by linking.

Gargron – Okay duplicate entry..>__< Forgot why I linked here, but aniblogger?

hynavian – Ahh my Singapore friend who gets me obsessed with a lot of Facebook games.. >_< She has great pictures, and entries to check out.

JP & Hinano Ahh Hinano, a female who I have followed before her original blog went bellyup, and backlist from that defunct female ani-blogger. She’s a great person to know. I consistently follows JP and Hinano’s comments on Google Reader etc. etc. Fellow New Yorkers who actually live in the city. Great foodie recs for the Japanese lover. Also got obsessed with Pangya because of Hinano’s consistent blogging on this golfing game.

Kairu Ishimaru – Yoroshiku.. okay this was before I joined up with the blog.

Kitsune – Great blogger to know, he has commented on my blog entries, whereas I try to comment on his blog. Still working on it.. but definitely like to follow because he blogs not just on anime, but on Japanese interesting news.

moyism – Moy who I met on line at NYAF, and then at Otakon. I like his blog for the design and Moy’s an obvious fan boy for Nana Mizuki.

Omisyth– Forgot why I linked to him, but seeing his Twitter might be an indication..

Omo – Omo – Okay I heard people refer of him as an Anime Sensei. One of the most prolific/well known person via animeblogsphere that I know of. Cool enough to follow.. I tagged after him at Otakon.. ^_^

Otaku Dan -I like referring to his blog almost as much as I do with Howagirlfigures.com He has a good blog in terms of blog technology, and sharing. Also great pictures on figures, and someday just someday I’ll go nuts to taking pictures from my photo collection.. >_<

TheBigN -Met The Big N in person at Otakon this year. The blog is kinda like Yoroshiku, and I think it is a good one to follow for a more specific otaku ai culture.

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  1. October 11, 2009 at 2:38 pm


  2. October 11, 2009 at 3:04 pm

    Oh, that’s a nice overview 🙂

  3. October 12, 2009 at 4:35 am

    Hurrah! Good to know!

    We should probably overhaul our blogroll at Anime Diet as well sometime soon.

  4. miz
    October 12, 2009 at 7:37 pm

    @Nekosasu – What’s the long face?

    @Kitsune – Thanks.

    @Moritheil – Sure.. just need to comment some more or not.

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