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Japanese Sports Day..Exciting perhpas thrilling even.

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sports day

This weekend was Columbus Day for people in the U.S. but it is also Health and Sports Day [体育の日] (taiiku no hi) in Japan for students there. That definitely brings sportsmanship, and teamwork. Now the reason why I knew this was happening, because I have friends who are over there, and teaching – mentioned that they had a day off. Sounds interesting to me.

I have never seen something like this in the U.S. as I grew up, there was that one time I went to a senior trip for an outdoors event, but even then that was not as big as schools actually not going to be in session for class.

FYI for those not aware, check out here.

If the United States would have something like this, wouldn’t that mean that something like this can be promoted to off set the obesity rates in Fat America. They may be already doing like that for Elementary schools nowadays though.

Also you would see something like this in any anime series. I imagine that any if not all school anime would mention something like this. To my mind, one of the more memorable ones got to be either Gakuen Alice or Full Metal Panic Fumoffu.

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