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Anime Tattoo and a response..


Originally I was thinking about doing a post where I would list my favorite anime characters with tattoos, but that turned out to be so much like a matter of factually, top 5 post, that I got pretty discourage, so now I am changed up the idea slightly..

I have two kanji tattoos on my legs, and is always on the search for a third tattoo. A tattoo that would proclaim to the world on my admiration for anime. I recall seeing a One Piece tattoo, and that was hardcore, but would the same series be the apple of a person’s eyes later?

Yes I also see people would say of how foolish can you get an image permanently inked, but because I don’t want be able to regret it, and look at it 20 years down the road to say why I got this image that I have been thinking about it for a while now. (I imagine as soon as I got my second tattoo, I started to think.)

Now if tattoos offend you, then they do. But I happen to think that if a good tattoo is good, then it is a great work of art. I don’t mind the pain that is associated with the part of getting the tattoo done.

But then I think about it some more. While it is cute, and it is an expense, I am willing to pay. I have to also think about other factors – one If I get a third tattoo, will I be pretty ostracized from going into a sento or onsen? My current tattoos aren’t that big, or noticeable unless people look. Bathhouses, or hotsprings is something I want to be able to experience in my life.. so I do wonder.

But in terms of anime character with anime, got to say I really appreciate either Levvy’s from Black Lagoon, Yusuke and Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho‘s.

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