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Kuroki Meisa and COCA-SHOCK!

Yep just to remark about it, it is Coca-shock which is a Kirin product, and is 5% alcohol and Kuroki Meisa.. now just wondering if any other alcoholic beverages other than Rum and Coke would have alcohol in it? Of course alcoholic beverages should be consumed by adults.

Kuroki Meisa’s been on an rising path, ever since I saw her in several doramas, and with Ninkyo Helper this summer as with her new role in Kimura Takuya’s next movie Star Battleship Yamato.. hmm.. just really sophisticated. Oh and to top it all off, here is a slew of videos relevant to this topic.

Press conference of her presenting the drink.

CM of the drink itself.

PV of the song SHOCK.

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