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Japanese Fast Food Breakfast Wars..

October 26, 2009 2 comments

(sighs) I do miss Japan, and so one of my favorite blogs to follow on my Google Reader is Japan Probe. Imagine my surprise when I saw this report on how Mos Burger, McDonald and Lotteria were trying to get the customers with serving breakfast, and with the way that workers said that they ate breakfast at work, or none at all. I do have some memories of Rai eating breakfast in the morning, and rushing to catch the morning commute for her job.

I ate breakfast at both Lotteria, and McDonald, will try to check out Mos Burger next time. But when I heard the price drop of 380 yen, I was thinking wow that was cheap. The hot dog for the breakfast meat they serve in McDonald is certainly not as people would imagine. It was good though.

Here is a video that they had.

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