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Photography, Speedlight and Lightsphere Collapsible

October 29, 2009 8 comments


Gah as if real life doesn’t rear its head way too much in my life. I go to various events/conventions by myself, unless they are events that people would want to go to. I realized that when I became press, that there was a responsibility, that to have some control over the story/articles you produce – better beef up your photographic techniques, instead of relying on someone’s images or direction. MELL’s concert at this past Otakon, proved that to me in more ways than one.

Also at various convention panels, if you don’t have a good flash, you’re pretty much screwed because of the pretty dim white lighting. Images are always blurry and never really focused and sharp, because there is not enough light. So lighting and sharpness have been high on my priority. I am not a professional, but am a pretty intending amateur/hobbyist, who is learning.

I get pretty @_@ when I stare at Dancing Queen or various other blogs I have that showcases figures photography. I want to devote more time to taking good pictures of my anime collection. I still need to get backdrops/muslin fabric. Cosplay photography is another barrel of worms, that I want to get into, but way too many things to do.

I own a Nikon D-40, which is a entry level DSLR unit.

Last weekend I was able to attend the Photo Plus Expo, and had met up with friends/acquaintances. Prior to the Expo, I was thinking about what other accessories to get with my camera, and so a photographer friend had suggested getting a diffuser, which is an upgraded camera flash piece. It makes an image softer from the photographic flash glare. I had after my trip to Japan had acquired a Nikon Speedlight SB-600 unit, and from there had researched a little on diffusers.

Several of my friends had mentioned Gary Fong as being the company they would go for in terms of diffusers, so I was at the show and was thinking about a standard diffuser, when we found the Lightsphere Collapsible. (There’s also another video with this link, and if you don’t like the size of the video, there is a bigger video on Youtube.)

I am unsure if my friend actually had known about it, but it is recommended to get for its portability. So yes I got it, and yes this put me more in the path of trying to improve my photographs. I had some trouble getting the unit on the thing, but now after a few tries and with the video tutorial, I am pretty much inspired to go take some shots. Have to go visit some galleries for a paper to write for class. Still contemplating on if I should put of pictures of my work following grading or not.

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