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[SMAP] Transformer BumbleBee Skit..

If I can provide a video I will.. will enjoy the screen caps I prep, Kimura Takuya’s facial expression here is funny.. hahahaha..

transformer smap1

transformer smap2transformer smap4

transformer smap3

The premises as what I get from the skit, is that there are meteorites flying to earth, and Kimu Taku who plays a teenager in this skit, goes outside to see a yellow car transform itself into this man. He is obviously parodying Transformer, and this guy turns out to be pretty vain, pops a Champagne bottle, and leaves Earth to fall.

Okay, I have never watched the Transformer movie before, but based on that excellent cosplayer at NYAF 2009.. I wonder. Also saw a photo that was provided by my cousin about a Bumble Bee look alike in Pittsburgh. Ahh this was good..

Also saw a new CM via Japanator that Kimura did.. man he is still milking his popularity after sooo many years.. ^_^

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