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2009 Great Manga Gift Guide

November 26, 2009 17 comments

Ahh I am getting pretty happy with the amount of graphic novels that are coming out by various publishers, in the next couple of months. I took an interest in Yuricon‘s call for reader/reviewers to provide a graphic novels gift list. At this time, reading graphic novel takes about 55% of my time. I believe that these lists, are a great way to push forth favorite or great manga titles to be shared.

I notice some interesting discussion issues that are brought up by Deb Aoki

debaoki: let’s face it, manga is still considered an exotic, misunderstood genre to many mainstream US comics fans.

debaoki: i live for the day when i see manga reviewed/profiled more frequently on NPR, NY Times, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, etc.

I agree with probably the first one, but then again I wonder where does publishers send graphic novels, since I am not sure if it is that widely distributed, as I hear a classmate complain how limited the Borders in Staten Island mall wouldn’t have as much Graphic novel content as a Manhattan Borders.

The second point, I see as something I see stating as a small feature in the Librarian trade magazines, so yes, it will be good to see graphic novels reviewed/profile more frequently on mainstream papers, but my only issue – how much of the news that will be in mainstream paper, won’t be redundant repetitive news for people who are readers of graphic novels?

Anyway!!!! Back to this Manga Gift Guide List! There is no clear theme in what I read, since I read a lot. I will try to separate it into gifts for a type of reader though. So this list is an actual push for what I loved to read, and seeing  if other bloggers will be rec-ing similar books or else.  ^_^ Read more…

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Photography Midterm

November 24, 2009 6 comments

With the semester coming to a close sooner.. and I am still working on my final project, decided to put up photos that I submitted for my midterm. The critique I recall hearing, was that these shots looked liked they being prep for magazines. There was no rhyme or reason why I chose these images, can you see/or guess what I did with them? Any comments as to where these shots may or may not have been taken from?

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NYU Talk Like Singing – Katori Shingo’s U.S performance, and fan experience.

November 23, 2009 4 comments

This is going to be a pretty wordy report, with a slide show of images. So if you want to read this report, memory recap, check under this cut. Read more…

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Twitter and Updates.. wearing too many hats really..

November 20, 2009 10 comments

I have an avid interest in Twitter, it became more of an interest of mine, ever since I started it. I even wrote about a response a while ago comparing it to Plurk. I love thinking about social media, but often because it is hard for me to put down all the words of what I mean, you as a reader would definitely need to have some prior knowledge of this specific social media technology. I think that even that Common Knowledge video is getting slightly dated, and I do love that video. But I digress.

Since this a draft has been written back in October, never got published on another blog – probably for reasons that it doesn’t fit the blog purpose, so what else am I to do? I intensely dislike it when things get obsolete, just like the blog ideas I keep on spinning in my head. For this draft, I was talking about the Twitter List Feature, but am finding it difficult to go and complete lists of my own, because I can end up cataloging people in multiple spots.


Like? Hate? Do you think that this is becoming more like a version of Facebook? Well even Michael said that Twitter is being like MySpace, which I am not sure if I agree or not.

michaelpinto: { tech } Twitter is going to keep adding new features until it becomes MySpace

Twitter unveiled a new update.. and that is Lists. Basically you can catalog your friends, your relatives, sports teams.. and I believe I just recited what I read of Twitter’s own tag line.

However lists are bringing out the worst in me.. the tick that makes me go squat on various names/blogs and why my Facebook friend lists is so halp-hazard.

Labels are always a touchy subject of mine. I know so many people, and you can’t really please or satisfy yourself if you have to catalog them. I over catalog, or make too many groups.. gah.. hmm.. but so far I am actually cataloged on 10 other Twitter acquaintances/friend’s lists. So that is neat! Shows the variety of circles I am in..

Thanks to the Twitter acquaintances who would read this post then ^_^

This is what sums up my experience so far.. >_<

miz: And I can’t think of a good list. >_<

miz: Gah.. wtf.. on my Twitter.. several people fit in more categories.. >_<

miz: The way lists is.. is actually making me unfollow people.. oh well. Can cut down on people.

miz: I am unfollowing for these reasons… never seem to talk.. or varied interests..

miz: Ugh!!! Never mind…. have to think about lists more before I throw myself into it.

Now who knows what will happen next..

I saw this statement that Michael tweeted about lately.. some fodder for thoughts.

michaelpinto: { social media } Side benefit of lists on Twitter: With a casual glance you can see how other people classify your interests

Recently, there was an update on the idea of Retweeting. The only thing I can say is that yes, Twittter made it easier for people to pass along ideas, but what sucks about this new feature is as what Michael tweeted.. and I can’t seem to find that tweet, but basically this is what he said, the new RT function is weak because of it’s disability to not let the person who RT’s the conversation input their own idea.. therefore it does get confusing if you look at your tweetline..

Will try to do a write up of just pushing forth my explanations of Twitter sooner or later.

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Dir en Grey Event at NYC Kinokuniya- 11/10/09

November 12, 2009 4 comments

Dir En Grey Kino-3

I am sure any one who have heard of Jrock, and are fans of it would have heard of Dir en Grey. The band is currently present at NYC, for a three night concert. I heard that Friday’s tickets are sold out already, but with this being a Jrock venue, definitely something not to miss.

The band had a fan event this past Tuesday at NYC Kinokuniya. The even occurred after the store was closed, and was opened to 200 fans only by a first come first serve contest via The Diva Review. The panel was hosted by The Diva Review’s Lady Miz Diva Velez.  I entered to try and win a ticket, but no luck. So I went to the event, not sure of what to happen. Luckily I was able to attend, as a guest of the lovely Megumi Sato from Samurai Beat Radio who also have a podcast, of what was said during this event. So check that out.

Dir En Grey Kino-2

During the panel, there was a showing of Dir En Grey’s latest DVD. The panel was run relatively smoothly. There were some fans who are going to be going to three days worth of the concert. Hard core.

What else that stood out for me? Watching what items were getting autographs of course. A lot of the items were the event’s poster, cds/dvds, t-shirts. But there were some unique items… like a guitar, an ipod, a vinyl record disc, and perhaps an old ticket stub? Some fan gifts, the only one I saw was a picture.

Check out my flickr for shots of the event.

This even reminded me slightly of the TM Revolution event I attend last year. Kinokuniya is a leading Japanese bookstore in NY, but with huge turnouts. The bookstore becomes quite cramped for space. So far I think that Kinokuniya is definitely trying to accommodate space, my compliments for them to put up with this space for famous guests and having various events.

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Happy International Pocky Day!

November 11, 2009 2 comments


Yay for one of my favorite Japanese biscuits! Yes, November 11 is International Pocky Day as I get from this website and from my Tweets, so break out your pocky stash, and much on them while surfing the net! Technically in the U.S., Nov 10 was when it was the Japanese version of Pocky Day. So is already over for Japan

My favorite Pocky is the Strawberry bits one, but what would your favorite Pocky be? It has been a popular Japanese snack ever since anime hit mainstream. But no matter.

I remember yesterday speaking with a friend about this, and by mistake I typed in.. it would be International Pocky Day on 11.11.11…. and my friend was like “Wait two more years!” That cracked me up, even if my timing was off.

Oh one of my favorite parodies of Pocky in terms of anime, was with Onegai Sensei‘s pochy version.

These are some of my commercials that I liked of Pocky. Yes Shibasaki Kou was in most of them. Second commercial reminds me of Kodomo no Omacha.

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Utada Hikaru’s U.S. Tour Dates..

November 10, 2009 2 comments


So yes, the fabulous singing sensational Utada Hikaru is going to do her her United States tour next year, and so far the confirmed dates and venues that is going to be of interest to be is New York @ Irving Plaza on Feb 8, 2010.

God damn I will fight for these tickets… but information is up at her net, and here. I have been talking with Antonio, a while since I was late in hearing updates on her concert, but with Moy who also updated his Twitter..

Utada’s US tour dates . Hmm NY in feb 2010…

Yep.. spun a blog entry about this to up the hype..

Also if you’re interested. I did write about her Sephora event earlier this year. Also check at Eric’s page for his shots of the event.

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Samples to entice..

November 8, 2009 3 comments

All right, have you seen the samples at the super market, this blog entry is about the Japanese perspective, of ensuring, the customer will purchase the product, now isn’t that neat? I think so. I read this, and was thinking – how cool is that. Probably will lose money for the producer, but to develop loyal customers like that. Going above and beyond a food sample. While that is funny, it should most likely guilt people into purchasing something.

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