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Ohitorisama – Episode 1 to 2

November 3, 2009 Leave a comment


This is one of my anticipated fall doramas to watch, just because of Koike Teppei playing the sensitive type. Also the fact that this is a dorama people say it is very much like Kimi wa Petto or Suppli, Around 40 where there is the whole older female aspect. But even then, I wonder if i can handle this series as much as I anticipate…because there are several dilemmas that are brought out, that can make the series a yes or no factor

  • The unspoken mother as principal who seeks an heir aspect.
  • The slew of girls that are after Kamisaka.
  • The fact that it is so predictable with what Akiyama is feeling. Just as the new male teacher shows up, she starts to think if she is regretting the fact that she is by herself, therefore choosing career over love?
  • To see that she is not getting everywhere without a man is downright.. as with the pamphlet job is sobtastic.
  • The character that I see Sakai Wakana is playing… and the way other female co-workers look at her is just.. ugh.

I still think this dorama is watchable thus far, even though themes get recycled. I like the different activities that Akiyama is going to go to, just as her choices and reasoning are varied.

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