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Call Center no Koibito

November 6, 2009 Leave a comment

Okay this is one of the dramas I have caught on to, after watching BOSS over the summer. This and the previously mention dorama were my standouts for the summer.

Call Center is about Japanese TV Home shopping Networks, and as far as acting goes, this is a pretty good series. I didn’t even realize that there was a Home shopping network in Japan, until I saw Hero with Kimu Taku. All right.. Hero was not one of doramas I watched happily. But this dorama was quite funny.

The cast is filled with people you necessarily might not know, unless you watch Japanese dramas, and pay attention to relationships or supporting actors. There is the appearance of the kid from Edison no Haha, and Karina’s older sister. My standards on watching doramas are mainly plot, and it is an added bonus if there are stand out performances from the actors.

Call Center no Koibito ends on a continuation strech, nothing more nothing less. This draft of this dorama might be late, but hopefully I will update this one with screen caps.. >_<

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