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Happy International Pocky Day!

November 11, 2009 2 comments


Yay for one of my favorite Japanese biscuits! Yes, November 11 is International Pocky Day as I get from this website and from my Tweets, so break out your pocky stash, and much on them while surfing the net! Technically in the U.S., Nov 10 was when it was the Japanese version of Pocky Day. So is already over for Japan

My favorite Pocky is the Strawberry bits one, but what would your favorite Pocky be? It has been a popular Japanese snack ever since anime hit mainstream. But no matter.

I remember yesterday speaking with a friend about this, and by mistake I typed in.. it would be International Pocky Day on 11.11.11…. and my friend was like “Wait two more years!” That cracked me up, even if my timing was off.

Oh one of my favorite parodies of Pocky in terms of anime, was with Onegai Sensei‘s pochy version.

These are some of my commercials that I liked of Pocky. Yes Shibasaki Kou was in most of them. Second commercial reminds me of Kodomo no Omacha.

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