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Dir en Grey Event at NYC Kinokuniya- 11/10/09

November 12, 2009 4 comments

Dir En Grey Kino-3

I am sure any one who have heard of Jrock, and are fans of it would have heard of Dir en Grey. The band is currently present at NYC, for a three night concert. I heard that Friday’s tickets are sold out already, but with this being a Jrock venue, definitely something not to miss.

The band had a fan event this past Tuesday at NYC Kinokuniya. The even occurred after the store was closed, and was opened to 200 fans only by a first come first serve contest via The Diva Review. The panel was hosted by The Diva Review’s Lady Miz Diva Velez.  I entered to try and win a ticket, but no luck. So I went to the event, not sure of what to happen. Luckily I was able to attend, as a guest of the lovely Megumi Sato from Samurai Beat Radio who also have a podcast, of what was said during this event. So check that out.

Dir En Grey Kino-2

During the panel, there was a showing of Dir En Grey’s latest DVD. The panel was run relatively smoothly. There were some fans who are going to be going to three days worth of the concert. Hard core.

What else that stood out for me? Watching what items were getting autographs of course. A lot of the items were the event’s poster, cds/dvds, t-shirts. But there were some unique items… like a guitar, an ipod, a vinyl record disc, and perhaps an old ticket stub? Some fan gifts, the only one I saw was a picture.

Check out my flickr for shots of the event.

This even reminded me slightly of the TM Revolution event I attend last year. Kinokuniya is a leading Japanese bookstore in NY, but with huge turnouts. The bookstore becomes quite cramped for space. So far I think that Kinokuniya is definitely trying to accommodate space, my compliments for them to put up with this space for famous guests and having various events.

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