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Twitter and Updates.. wearing too many hats really..

November 20, 2009 10 comments

I have an avid interest in Twitter, it became more of an interest of mine, ever since I started it. I even wrote about a response a while ago comparing it to Plurk. I love thinking about social media, but often because it is hard for me to put down all the words of what I mean, you as a reader would definitely need to have some prior knowledge of this specific social media technology. I think that even that Common Knowledge video is getting slightly dated, and I do love that video. But I digress.

Since this a draft has been written back in October, never got published on another blog – probably for reasons that it doesn’t fit the blog purpose, so what else am I to do? I intensely dislike it when things get obsolete, just like the blog ideas I keep on spinning in my head. For this draft, I was talking about the Twitter List Feature, but am finding it difficult to go and complete lists of my own, because I can end up cataloging people in multiple spots.


Like? Hate? Do you think that this is becoming more like a version of Facebook? Well even Michael said that Twitter is being like MySpace, which I am not sure if I agree or not.

michaelpinto: { tech } Twitter is going to keep adding new features until it becomes MySpace

Twitter unveiled a new update.. and that is Lists. Basically you can catalog your friends, your relatives, sports teams.. and I believe I just recited what I read of Twitter’s own tag line.

However lists are bringing out the worst in me.. the tick that makes me go squat on various names/blogs and why my Facebook friend lists is so halp-hazard.

Labels are always a touchy subject of mine. I know so many people, and you can’t really please or satisfy yourself if you have to catalog them. I over catalog, or make too many groups.. gah.. hmm.. but so far I am actually cataloged on 10 other Twitter acquaintances/friend’s lists. So that is neat! Shows the variety of circles I am in..

Thanks to the Twitter acquaintances who would read this post then ^_^

This is what sums up my experience so far.. >_<

miz: And I can’t think of a good list. >_<

miz: Gah.. wtf.. on my Twitter.. several people fit in more categories.. >_<

miz: The way lists is.. is actually making me unfollow people.. oh well. Can cut down on people.

miz: I am unfollowing for these reasons… never seem to talk.. or varied interests..

miz: Ugh!!! Never mind…. have to think about lists more before I throw myself into it.

Now who knows what will happen next..

I saw this statement that Michael tweeted about lately.. some fodder for thoughts.

michaelpinto: { social media } Side benefit of lists on Twitter: With a casual glance you can see how other people classify your interests

Recently, there was an update on the idea of Retweeting. The only thing I can say is that yes, Twittter made it easier for people to pass along ideas, but what sucks about this new feature is as what Michael tweeted.. and I can’t seem to find that tweet, but basically this is what he said, the new RT function is weak because of it’s disability to not let the person who RT’s the conversation input their own idea.. therefore it does get confusing if you look at your tweetline..

Will try to do a write up of just pushing forth my explanations of Twitter sooner or later.

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