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2009 Great Manga Gift Guide

November 26, 2009 17 comments

Ahh I am getting pretty happy with the amount of graphic novels that are coming out by various publishers, in the next couple of months. I took an interest in Yuricon‘s call for reader/reviewers to provide a graphic novels gift list. At this time, reading graphic novel takes about 55% of my time. I believe that these lists, are a great way to push forth favorite or great manga titles to be shared.

I notice some interesting discussion issues that are brought up by Deb Aoki

debaoki: let’s face it, manga is still considered an exotic, misunderstood genre to many mainstream US comics fans.

debaoki: i live for the day when i see manga reviewed/profiled more frequently on NPR, NY Times, LA Times, Entertainment Weekly, etc.

I agree with probably the first one, but then again I wonder where does publishers send graphic novels, since I am not sure if it is that widely distributed, as I hear a classmate complain how limited the Borders in Staten Island mall wouldn’t have as much Graphic novel content as a Manhattan Borders.

The second point, I see as something I see stating as a small feature in the Librarian trade magazines, so yes, it will be good to see graphic novels reviewed/profile more frequently on mainstream papers, but my only issue – how much of the news that will be in mainstream paper, won’t be redundant repetitive news for people who are readers of graphic novels?

Anyway!!!! Back to this Manga Gift Guide List! There is no clear theme in what I read, since I read a lot. I will try to separate it into gifts for a type of reader though. So this list is an actual push for what I loved to read, and seeing  if other bloggers will be rec-ing similar books or else.  ^_^ Read more…

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