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Photography Final: Carue’s Journey

December 8, 2009 1 comment

Sooo yesterday I presented my photography final project, and yes after two hours of waiting at the photography lab, I arrived at my class late. Because I was late, I was one of the last presenters, when the professor mentioned to hurry up, I pretty much stammered my entire presentation out. I really don’t have much practice with public speaking.

I doubt anyone, outside of knowing any thing about One Piece or Black Lagoon or the premises of figure collection, knew what my project was on. I took way more pictures, will upload them to Flickr at another time.

The most memorable comment was that someone wanted to punch the duck out. Duck meaning Carue. Last week after my professor said that the pictures were all looking as if they were out of a catalog. I was up for a long time trying to imagine a premises of it being  a good project. So, I went and found a vector image from Anime Paper, and the superimposed that image on all of my figure picture. I was thinking it was pretty cute idea. Similar to that traveling garden gnome commercial that was several years ago. Apparently my line of thinking wasn’t the purpose of the final, so I may have over thought the project a bit too much. Oh well.

These images actually weren’t the best that I have got, but with the fact that I was going on days with not much sleep, and I wanted to get a certain perspective, without the pictures looking as if they should be in a catalog.  I chose some images as representations. My favorite shoot was with Franky and Brook. Hardest to shoot was with Shenhua, and Luffy. I pretty much scared my mom out of the kitchen after something happened with my Vivi.

I usually don’t have any of my One Piece or Shenhua figures outside of their boxes, because there is simply no space, and with the highway outside where I live, dusting would be a daily nightmare. I brought most of these pieces from Japan. At the moment, I have one more figure in Japan, and ordered two more figures for next year.

If the images are under the cut are, small, then I have actually uploaded them to my flickr.

What do you think?

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