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12 Days 2009: Days 7-8 – Otakon and SMAP

Gah.. after an interview, and working on other things.. have to remember to do this. T_T

This is actually probably a shove for me to draft and schedule images, but yeah with the holidays coming on really strongly. >_<

July and Augusts were both very busy months  – I did a lot of events.. and actually wrote as much as I can.. >_<

In July,  I was able to be press at Otakon, and took a lot of pictures of MELL’s concert. I was so happy really to see her perform. I think I mentally cried. But yeah.. a lot of pictures afterward, I archived my images here. Isn’t she sweet looking? Such talent really.

I recycled August’s image, because this was how my impression of August is.. Shingo parodying  Ninkyo Helper and Matsuda Samaba, in this July episode of Bistro SMAP. >_< This was a summer return dorama of Kusanagi ..and yes this parody cracks me up.

Also this summer was when I started to think more about Twitter in a more blogging thoughts. I followed Mori‘s examples slightly in one entry to focus on a Japanese earthquake. I actually see a similar example for what is happening for Brittney Murphy’s death coverage. Should I mention that this is the summer of MJ’s death as well?

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