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Last post of the year- Take 2

Well I was looking at my stats and took 2 screen caps. While I have a lot of ideas, somehow it doesn’t always fit the mindset to be commented on, but I shall keep trying. This is actually my first time doing a post like this, since I usually don’t remember or have an issue of not being consistent with what I think about. But if I am to be a more proficient blogger, should air out my laundry before it begins a new decade. These caps are taken on December 31, 2009.

With next year my goals are attempts to be more disciplined in doing more posts, and push them in niches where I imagine people will comment. Eventually put my figure pictures of my collection up, just need to get a copyright logos on them. Will try to comment more. on people’s blogs. Will try to post more on Kairu’s blog, Megane’s blog and probably finish up my female series, and do more product features. I have artbooks I want to talk about. Will probably do more event coverages.  I may need to get a scanner if I want to do more detailed product coverages. (sighs)

Next year will probably see my attempts with wanting to move into wordpress.org or something else. Hopefully will have time, and real life with my professional job won’t be that busy.

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